OOB in Shambala

There are OOBs everywhere in the Shamba Lala faction mission map. Took me 20 seconds to find the first one. They’re good for some nice screenshots.


OOB? What’s that?

Out of Bounds I’m assuming. I like finding those too.

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It’s always the first thing I do when entering a new map. And I know this isn’t technically a new map, but I haven’t been here in years and I was also looking out for new goodies like lore and such. This OOB didn’t exist in TSW that I can recall. I do remember crawling all over that map before.

Spoiler, that bridge you see? Connecting to the city? It has no collision. :frowning_face:


I hope it is still that way by the time I ever get there. Haven’t had much time to play and still haven’t gotten around to finishing Tokyo. :slight_smile: