Orbital Camera View

Please give us the capability to zoom out further with an orbital view. The V currently is to look around your character and you can zoom out a bit. The problem with that is you have no control when building. With certain pieces that are medium to large to very large, having the ability for Orbital View is essential in placing it correctly, especially since some to most of the large pieces you cannot pick it back up such as the map, altars, etc. Some of us that really like the building aspect could very much use the Orbital Camera for exact placement. Being able to see the sides and back, overview, of your placement of a non returnable piece is crucial.

Please make this possible.

Thank You!


This will make the bug where you can loot behind walls even worse.

I am talking about making your view be able to be further away, not your reach. The viewing currently cannot go through walls or the mesh anyway so your statement is not valid.

Should be ways around this.

if you can’t pickup the maproom than you have a mod which mess with it


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