Our land claim removed & banned on 1088


Our landclaim had been removed on 1088 2 days ago in the evening. I highly doubt that it is possible to destroy 77 T3 fence foundations at the same time when we didn’t place them on top of each other, not to mention if it’s possible to do so… check the picture… It happened in 5 seconds. We lost a huge area of our landclaim which was placed next to each other & not on top of each other. What I think is it must be a player with cheats otherwise it’s one of the admin’s work…
According to my clan mates there are 3 other clans on the same server who have / had the same issue. Their base is either gone or some parts still around. We know that if they would server transfer then their base would decay & it would be possible to destroy all however it is not the case. A newcomer on the same day was “crying” on global chat that he lost his base like this & it doesn’t look like bombing / arrowing or any of the raid tools used on his base.

On 27/08/2021 They started playing on a new server & haven’t really touched 1088. I hadn’t been playing on that server for a week now because I was playing on another server, however according to my clanmates we haven’t done anything illegal & regardless we got banned on 1088 at the date of 28/08/2021.

Would you be so kind to investigate this problem ?

May I get a description why have our clan got banned ?

Thank you for your time in advance!


My Funcom ID : DYLER#80992
clan name : Clan 123 RP Gods
server : 1088
my issue in conclusion :

– Big amount of landclaim removed for multiple active clans, even shrines & it happened without bombing / arrowing / using trebuche & it has nothing to do with server transfer “decaying base”.
– My clan & I got banned on the server where I haven’t been playing for a week now. I don’t know anything about what happened & what not, according to them we followed the official rules.


This is similar to the post I made yesterday, usually an admin explains why it’s being deleted, having no admin showing up makes me think hackers deleted the three clans items. Funcom have yet to respond and I don’t expect them to until Monday.

If the funcom admin did this then they need better training because deleting stuff without an explanation may lead to confusion which has happened in this situation, it’s pretty poor moderation work (if Funcom deleted this stuff)

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They probably won’t tell you much on the forum, but there is a place you can make a report to get some info. This is a copy paste from a thread from one of the other clans on your server, I’m not sure the links will work

“ If you have questions regarding a suspension, please make sure you send a ticket over on Zendesk .
The team will get back to you as soon as possible.

You can read more about how to submit a report here: Official Servers - Terms of conduct, guidelines and procedures


Again, you are not supposed to “landclaim” an area with foundations or others building parts.

Now you are banned and it is good.

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@Selene01 Well I don’t know you, but “again” you can have landclaim so it’s harder for enemies to build trebuches specially if you build to that “landclaim” actual structures like houses, gates etc. And actual structures were also destroyed so yeah. You’re just probably toxic. :slight_smile:


And you are banned not me, so you are wrong. Ask FC and you will see.

“Abuse of the claim system (claim spam) where blocks are placed for no other purpose than to prevent other player’s access to resources and building spots.”


@Ethel @Selene01 Okey, I know what is allowed what’s not, but how do you know what happened guys ? Have you seen the bases & stuff? HAVE you seen ALL the 3 other clans ? our “landclaim” & their “landclaim” ?? Shall I call it “land” instead of “landclaim” so I don’t get spammed by these comments? You are saying like we shouldn’t have landclaim resources & stuff , but it’s not even the case. So please stop the nonse replies.

If you have any useful info then go ahead & comment, I would appreciate it!
Thanks, have a great day!

This is a weird situation.

Funcom always says that there are no admins on the official servers (I checked multiple posts and the rules, etc.).

When they do a ban (from what I noticed, when people come here to complain) it’s a global ban not on a single server ban.

This is either

  1. A change in policy and they now have admins with no warning
  2. A player figured out the admin password for the server
  3. There is an exploit.

Hopefully someone from the dev team or gportal can look into this, it is very serious.


i am from 1088 aswell, The Reesy#85224 clan The Ones. We were the biggest there. Suddenly, we logged in (25.8 19.02, half of base + claim has been destroyed and one clan full of cheaters already been there and destroyed remaining thralls and stuff. After 3 whole days we ve got suddenly banned? After the claim has been destroyed and we didnt even looked there? This is ridiculous. And since claim is not blocking any resources or any spawns, its allowed.



please read the following Rules.

also be aware of