P vs e why do people block off whole parts of the map how many bases do they need

Why do people have to build all over the resource I built a base away from everyone in the north had a some one move buy and they blocked every resource make me want to stop

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Because thats part and parcel of a survival game… owning the resources.

Welcome to pve where you can’t stop that kind of stuff. Unfortunately, on official servers, there is nothing you can do short of asking those players to not block spawns.

Can you climb over their stuff to get to the resources?

I think he means people are building things and preventing spawns from coming back.

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Ah. Well that’s a douchebaggy thing to do. I can understand make resources inaccessible to others so you have more of it to yourself, but to prevent spawns is just pointless trolling.

They have removed some of it and the spike at the bottom of the wall to prevent me from climbing up it so u guess I will have to settle for that shame tho love this game

Hopefully the Purge can help remedy this. I got fed up with this crap on Ark, and it’s why I either play co-op with the wife, or on a PvP server.

I don’t think I could do p v p I hate to Lose everything all the Time lucky the patch fun com just done has broke the server on xb1

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