'pain' and knockback animations

Something I’m missing a little bit are animations for knockback and maybe ones for critical hits or similair features in RPGs. I’m not a pro saying I know what I mean, but most of the time enemies just slide a little and that’s it.

Any feedback, improvements or additional suggestions for this idea are welcome.

(I don’t mean to cram the game with animations to the point where it becomes a nuisance btw)

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I agree. Animations have influence toward the pace of gameplay due their lengths, but also giving opportunities in many ways.

Assembling animations from commands allow us to form a pattern that either helps us or leaves us vulnerable. While some animations play, some can break them when two or more or specific items are involved. Sometimes animations can be “swapped” (dominoed) between characters and sometimes they nominate order.

Neglecting depths and / or widths of animation in a digital product can have serious impact on gameplay, which then leads to balancing the pace in other means if the addition of proper animations isn’t viable any longer.

i agree with both of you, even if the game have a wild variety of animation in game (including emote) we still miss some that could impact the gameplay in a deeper way.

I’m thinking about eat/drink/heal animation (the very first conan trailer that came out had an animation on first person for drinking waterskin, it never made it to the game… Aswell as fps was remove T_T) because those could make combat gameplay more slow paced and therefore more strategic

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