Pathing to the Volcano at the Start of the Game

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This is in response to a discussion from the @ Alex (Lead Designer) thread where discussion was on whether you could get there and survive at a low level: @ Alex (Lead Designer)

In the Volcano I don’t think you can survive early without proper heat protection. The Frozen North on the other hand seems very do-able to me.

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Where are all the mobs? Seems a bit pointless without mobs. I also don’t understand why you stop at so many points for lore and chests. Show them how you outrun all the mobs, because they can’t hit a moving target.

I take the path of least resistance if I can. I play where if I die I have to start a brand new game. Also the stopping for lore was just to show how I would do it if I were heading to the Frozen North/Volcano area right from the get go.

If the object is not to die what would you do? Going charging in to every chance at a mob or fight is a certain way to die early and end my game. I will most certainly die at some point but the object is to live as long as possible for me.

Different strokes for different folks.

Thanks for the feedback/reply.


Ah, the Dragonmoutch passage… I think Funcom just forgot that this place exist in the game.

I have a base left of the Dragonmouth (or lets say a fancy maproom) and there are seriously no enemies at all. Not even passive ones like deers.

Always found it kind of strange, that there is kinda nothing. No village/outpost, no enemies, nothing to explore (waypoint - except of Dragonmouth).

Also that when you are naked, it is only very cold :smiley: This is my way to go into the well of skelos dungeon. I put my cold gear in a chest and run naked into the Dragonmouth and then put on my warm gear.

PS.: Try to run to the Temple of Frost :wink:

I might give it a go after work or this weekend.

Any other goal aside from run to frost temple?

I figured out a few workarounds to getting cold armor without weapons that I want to test out. I might lose an hours time doing so though.

Any time requirement or level requirement I need to be at frost temple?

You can go anywhere naked. You just can’t explore all of temple of frost without heat food (or a torch maybe). Just bring a campfire (or a torch I hear) and every time you get to half life of cold damage, place the campfire and stand on it to heat up. Gather some ice on the way to the volcano and you’re good to go there too.

You can survive in Volcan on low lvl, it’s relatively easy. You just need to mine a bit of Ice and get second perk in Vitality.

Also temperature varies in different locations, Frozen North biom have large areas with very harsh temperatures. Generally this is Mountain Ranges and the Frozen lakes.
Vulcano is much more consistent, generally just taking second perk in Vitality with ice gives you access to all Vulcan locations.

I think it’s hilarious the “frozen” lake is one of the coldest places in the game… I mean, most of the lake isn’t even frozen :man_facepalming:

Well just be low-level. So <20 or sth in that range.

Yeah, that is the difference between The Forest and CE.

Or lets say, if the purges would come way more often (when you are lvl60) or patrols with strong un-knockable humans or monsters…

So that you can encounter random strong enemies or they randomly visit you…

That’s not too difficult. My new method of getting loot is to use undead skeletons at mounds to kill cimmerian npcs. No xp gained at all for the player. Therefore it’s just a time requirement to get the pieces of armor.

I know 3 spots that they fight naturally so i’m half convinced I can add a pacifist caveat to the run.

I think I am lol.

Trying to find a challenge of sorts. A pacifist run to frost temple to be completed under level 20.

Question is.

Do I want tools for the run,
how many npcs I can watch die from skeleton/cimmerian conflicts and how many large chests I’m able to loot for silver coins.

And after all that… Maybe stone dagger the frost giant boss while staying below level 20.

Think this would be a good base line for a challenge I think.

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