Payment denied 11/29

My payment failed today, 11/9, according to the website and game. The payment source is the same, Paypal. I called them and they have no record of a payment request being sent. What’s going on?

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You’ll have to use for billing support.


Try logging into paypal and go to TOOLS->ALL TOOL-> RECURRING PAYMENTS then click my pre approved payment then click pre-approved paymernt plans and cancel any funcom payments shown there and try to make a payment again. This has worked for me in the past.

last it I use Funco Help it took over 2 weeks for them to respond. No thanks. If I can’t get this taken care of quickly, they won’t be getting a monthly payment from me anymore.

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I hate to say it, but these things happen in the Funcom billing system for like a decade or so.

And yeah, you will have to inform Funcom about the hiccup in their system by email or support form, because Funcom can’t be arsed to monitor their system and take steps when something went wrong.
(At least this isn’t Anarchy Online, where your account would be locked despite still having subscription time.)

Here, the best response you can hope for is Melcom closing the thread and writing “billing issues belong to [email protected]”.


Just to clarify, are you saying that you had a problem on the 9th of November or today, the 30th? I’m guessing you mean 11/29 :slight_smile:
There have been problems recently with the Funcom payment systems as their sites have been hit by a lot of DDOS attacks (though I thought that those problems were around the 19th). That should all be fixed now, but it’s possible that your payment issues are a remenant of those problems.

Sadly, there’s nothing on these forums that can help you with any billing related issues. Your only options are to use the site that Aeryl linked, (and the chances of getting a fast response are pretty much zero,) just try again, or to abandon the payment entirely.

Edit: realised the post would have been made on 11/29, not the 30th

The problem is I can’t log into my account now. They send a temporary password and it doesn’t work.

You could try sending @AndyB a pm, but I don’t know if he’d be able to help or not :confused: Think they normally try to sort out billing issues ASAP, but a fair bit will depend on how many tickets the other titles are generating atm :frowning:

@richter I used to have this problem aaaaalll the time. If it said failed, I would try and try again until I got an approved. It if said pending, then I would just wait until it said approved or failed. Pretty ridic, but that’s the way it was. It was hard trying to buy aurum a few times a week back in the day.