PC Hotfix (05.02.2019) - Quick desync issues fix

Please note: The servers are still in the process of being patched so not all of them will be available immediately.

Hey everyone!

We’re rolling out another patch for the PC to address some of the issues we’ve been having recently with unresponsiveness and de-synchronization on our official servers. We will continue to monitor this issue and patch as needed, so please continue to provide us with feedback.


  • Changed how client and server executes player and NPC actions. This should improve desync issues

Trello Report Board

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I sure hope this fixes the rubberbanding. I’m so tired of being warped all over the place, catapulted off of cliffs, canon-balling into the lava, ect…


Servers still down on Eu…15:39oclock

Gportal is on it :slight_smile:

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American dedicated server still showing updating :frowning:

yeah the EU servers are not updated yet.

Yup, Gportal is on it. They’ve had to patch two games worth of servers at the same time.

Up and running now

1 Like still showing updating

Server 1127 is still down

ok good not just me lol i’m worried we had issues and ended up with new install 24 hours ago give or take. i dont think everyone can handle another one lol

It’s being updated :slight_smile: Just be patient and it should be back up shortly.


this patch fix People Can't farm, kill or do anything ?

It is aimed to alleviate this situation. We’re continuing to monitor any feedback our community has to share about it :slight_smile:


still down?

Looks like most of our American servers are back up (according to the status page I have access to on my end) :slight_smile: There are a couple still remaining.

thank you

i dont know exactly what got fixed, i can still see npcs running in the air, and some teleport.

what cases got fixed if you guys dont mind me asking it?

thank you!

This hotfix is to address servers getting unresponsive. Unresponsive meaning, making it impossible to mine (or generally interacting with the environment), attack npcs or players on a server.


sigh I’m just dismayed that the servers are down. It’s a public holiday here and I was looking forward to a solid 10 or so hours of play :(. Hopefully they’ll all be working soon, I’m using Steam so I’m not sure how to tell whether relevant servers are up or not.