PC Hotfix (05.09.2019) - Crashes, buffs and other fixes

I totally agree with you. Change it back to Brimstone for hardened steel please Funcom.

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The change to reduce steel is reasonable since they changed epic armor requirements. With tier 3 buildings there are to many recipes requiering to much steel in the process. But since its a higher tier they had to set an obstacle since large amounts of brimstome are avaiable comparatively early in the game. Black ice is fine except that it is a heavly region dependent rescource. Unfortunately I cant think of an better alternative. Requiering more brimstone doesn’t make up for it for the given reason.


Why does everyone think that changing the recipe for hardened steel is so bad? Now that the need for it has increased, the developer has simplified the way it is received. Is it bad? Good change!
No need to talk about game balance, it has never happened in this game. :slight_smile:


Another issue just found.

Wearing Yoggite armor full set, with 1 cold resist each, adds a total of 3 cold resist to stats, instead of adding each of them to a total of 5 as I was told in math class when I was a kid.

PC, Private modded server.

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Looks correct in the dev kit. Each piece gives a -2 to Stat ID 13 (temp modifier).
Item ID’s:

Can not confirm an issue here.

This has something to do with the round up from decimal places.
Not every armor piece has exactly 1 resistance internally but shows 1 (rounded).

For example:
Yoggite has internally a Heat res from 0.6 so each piece shows 1 (rounded)
wearing 2 pieces means 1.2 but still show you 1 in total (rounded)
wearing 3 pieces means 1.8 but shows you 2 in total (rounded)
wearing 4 pieces means 2.4 but still shows you 2 in total (rounded)
wearing all 5 pieces means 3.0 and shows you 3 in total.

Sir Bowen

You need a damn DEVKIT to see, what is wrong or why it is like that, because you cannot find out that info (its just 0.6 rounded up to 1) within the game. Just woow…

The issue here is the game itself. Show the real value or stop strange mechanics.

This makes sense, though I could swear I had travelled to the cold areas before on that armor, maybe it is just an impression, I can’t confirm. I have not the skill to check the heatmap, so I have no way to look at it but I have the strange feeling the heatmap has changed in some places. Another thing to get used to I guess. :slight_smile:

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Nope i dont need a Devkit, its simple math to figure that out. With 0.5 and 0.7 it doesnt work, so it must be 0.6.

And how to display 0.6 on a 1 to 5 Scale Scale Any Ideas or Suggestions?

And yes, the temparature Settings was reworked multiple times at the last updates.


List it in the info or overhaul the range completely or make it right from the start!

And you needed the devkit to know it is 0.6 and not 1… how should a normal player figure that out? And thats a bad design.

Before yesterdays hotfix i crashed all the time by just being online for a few min, i updated my framwork, and it worked. Today now AFTER the hotfix i crash again within a few min. updated my graphic drivers, the same. CAN YOU PLZ fix it so it work.
Or give me my money back for the latest DLC + that i keep it

I am a normal player and dont need the Devkit for that.
So how i figured that out with simple math.
Calculation Type = “round-to-nearest” aka “Business arithmetic”

We know and see:

  • Wearing 1 Yoggite piece gives me 1 at the total screen
  • Wearing 2 gives me still 1
  • Wearing 3 gives me 2 in total
  • Wearing 4 gives me still 2
  • Wearing all 5 gives me 3
    = So 1 | 1 | 2 | 2 | 3 are the bonuses in total

If it were 0.4 it would look like this:
1 piece = 0.4 = 0 in total :x:
2 piece = 0.8 = 1 in total :white_check_mark:
3 piece = 1.2 = 1 in total :x:
4 piece = 1.6 = 2 in total :white_check_mark:
5 piece = 2.0 = 2 in total :x:
= No possible Solution :x:

If it were 0.5 it would look like this:
1 piece = 0.5 = 1 in total :white_check_mark:
2 piece = 1.0 = 1 in total :white_check_mark:
3 piece = 1.5 = 2 in total :white_check_mark:
4 piece = 2.0 = 2 in total :white_check_mark:
5 piece = 2.5 = 3 in total :white_check_mark:
= Possible Solution :white_check_mark:

If it were 0.6 it would look like this:
1 piece = 0.6 = 1 in total :white_check_mark:
2 piece = 1.2 = 1 in total :white_check_mark:
3 piece = 1.8 = 2 in total :white_check_mark:
4 piece = 2.4 = 2 in total :white_check_mark:
5 piece = 3.0 = 3 in total :white_check_mark:
= Possible Solution :white_check_mark:

If it were 0.7 it would look like this:
1 piece = 0.7 = 1 in total :white_check_mark:
2 piece = 1.4 = 1 in total :white_check_mark:
3 piece = 2.1 = 2 in total :white_check_mark:
4 piece = 2.8 = 3 in total :x:
5 piece = 3.5 = 4 in total :x:
= No possible Solution :x:

So the answer is … Yoggite = every piece has 0.5 or 0.6 resistance internally.
Sorry my mistake i simply counted 3.0 / 5 = 0.6 but 0.5 is also a possible solution.

But enouth math for now …
Sir Bowen


A bad design is bad design… regardless If people can figure the mechanic out via devkit or via simple maths.
Because if it is rounded, the endvalue could be between 2.5 or 3.4 and not exactly 3.0…

If I would have such a strange mechanic, which is not really visible to the user (= customers) I would have so many complains… (I am a Software developer…).

But no, the gaming franchise can make one strange design/logic after another and people will still defend it…
Even other users = customers…

Rework it completely. Make more bars.

As written before, feel free to make a suggestion in the suggestion forum.
i guess 100 bars would be the next and best solution to show the difference between each armor in the game, because we have some with 3.1 3.4 2.6 2.8 and so on. so the best resolution would be 100 Bars ig uess … you really want that ?

I prefer the 1 to 5 scale bar and dont care if it is 3.4 or 3.2 at the end internally or 32 and 34 on a 100 bars solution.


Basically go from the top to the bottom.

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That’s not math, math is much more complicated than not trying to figure out the game and writing a disparaging post on the boards.



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I disagree, Sir Bowen is correct with the numbers. The problem here is that the single piece of armor displays a misleading value for those of us that haven’t got the skill to figure that 1 bar is not 1 bar but 0,6 of 1 bar. I see it’s a rounding math issue, but then if you are not using straight numbers but with decimals instead, we the players have no way to determine what exactly are the numbers on our armor pieces. Like Sir Bowen said, it’s a “figure it out” kind of thing. I don’t think a 1 to 100 scale would work i terms of graphic display, maybe a 1 to 10 scale could be viable and more helpful.

If there was a wiki (there is one already) to look all these numbers with decimals up, with a values table for armor temperature resistance, it would be the most helpful. Otherwise when I see the values I got with my Yoggite armor, I would probably come to Funcom and report it as a bug (so I did here), while in reality the pieces are working as intended. Again, this I think is misleading.

Now, it is a trial and error thing, try different armor combinations until you reach the desired resistance. In a way, it makes sense in a survival environment, keep putting furs on until you feel not too cold or hot for the place you are wandering.

Edit: sorry this is all new to me, noone ever told me ever since EA that armor temperature protection was not a natural number without decimals. I always thought 1 bar meant 1 protection. As a solution, maybe get rid of the base scale as it is and provide a ‘protection degrees’ for each piece of armor, just as the protection armor values have (those DO show decimals when modified at least).

Well, just do not introduce the thought of the various drinks and potions or variable geographical temp-zones to this or the math would go fractal.

What happens if I mix it up and wear Silent Legion boots, flawless Assassins chest and gloves, Dragonscale Helm and perhaps some Barbarian leggings - and do not say ‘explode’.