PC Hotfix (14.01.2019) - Anti-flooding tools and crash fixes

That was fast, appreciated Funcom! :slightly_smiling_face:

Wait, why is the new patch over 700MB?!

Or just go to “First-Person-View” and back (press “P” two times).


Thanks that’s good to know will pass that on. I use a controller myself but most on server dont


after this patch I have extreme stuttering

Just in case: If you applied the tweak to the base game INIs for the BlueprintClusteringEnabled, be sure to reapply it… as patches normally undo changes to base INIs!

just for this, i will purchase the pict pack, thank you funcom, next time dont make us suffer that long without conan, my hearth cant handle it :P.

and if this is a player caused problem, please ban the ■■■■ out of them.


So the direction a player is facing and the direction other players see them facing is completely different in this update

If this patch is to address this issue it hasn’t worked. The last 4 days, official server #1821 has experienced the borking of the server where you cannot damage things such as NPCs or other players during PVP time, nor can you chop trees or collect rocks. Your toon goes through the motions but nothing actually happens. Sometimes the server rectifies itself within a few minutes but usually its hours. Very inconvenient during PVP hours.

That was our issue as well but seems (crosses fingers) that had been resolved after this hotfix

But why is the new hotfix 700MB? The first one was 10MB and the one to fix it is 70 times the size? What this new one do besides fixing the controls and targeting?

Thanks it worked.

Just Steam being Steam. Mine was only 100mb’s, /shrug. Probably redownloading assets for some reason like it likes to do.


As Multigun said, sometimes steam does this. Sometimes its also to preload assets for a future update. So its 700MB now and another 700MB later instead of like 1.2-1.5GB.

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Hey everybody,

Quick update: we aim to release a new hot-fix soon that aims to correct the problem with controller movement, as well as some additional features on the anti-flooding tools added yesterday.


maybe it is to early for me to understand, but is this movement fix for us that DONT USE a controller on pc?? when i hit back ( my s key ) i will not just turn and give the baddie my back ? or there is something else wrong with actual controllers?

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It seems to affect players regardless of them using controllers or not. For the time being, other players suggest that going in and out of first person mode helps with this issue (“P”). However, as stated above, we aim to release a hotfix for this issue as well as additional tweaks for the anti-flood measures very soon.


And about the camera that goes crazy following the target ?

Try hitting Q twice gave suggestion to friends who were having that trouble and the shakey camera and it seemed to work.

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Is the new hotfix out? I don’t want to waste time downloading the old new one if I’ll just have to download another one when I finish. XD

I don’t get any experience for crafting building pieces. Is that a bug or was that intended change? Playing on PC on local solo game. I thought hotfix would take care of that, but apparently not.