PC Hotfix (19.12.2019) - Additional critical fixes

At least not on my private server. I’ve tested it a few minutes ago.

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I cannot say anything anymore, as that would result in my 3rd strike and perma-ban…

So my summary for that is: I am speechless!

Is this onley for pc players?

Pc have 2 hotfix. Ps 0 :rage: since 05.12.
And i have to handle to many issu/bugs. Withe my playing experience with ut anny information for ps4 players.

I believe so mate. Consol updates have to go through a clearing process which takes a bit longer. You’ll have an update soon enough and a post will be written up in the Consol forum threads when its released.

Plagued by a PAK error crash… sometimes i cant even get in the game… other times it takes an hour or just going to an area and boom, PAK error.

What about the problem with thralls not eating on modded servers?

Thanks Funcom, hope you all have a nice and very well deserved break yourselves. You’ve been knocking it out of the park and that takes an enormous amount of effort, focus and resilience. Thank you from the community.

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This is, without a doubt, a great patch. Probably. I do not know. Since I can’t download my game, I get endless crashes, as before :rage:.

Will you disable raid on NY?

You are in the PC section. Not to state the obvious…

It takes more work to get a build to the consoles, AND then they have to go through internal testing with both Sony and MS before it gets out.
This is just something you have to deal with as a console player. It sucks, but there isn’t anything you can do but wait. Whining about it will get you nowhere.

I know thet. So funcome soude be more soure aboute a update befor release it in the future.
■■■ you say: its take veks to fix it,when they mass up the game thet all ready is fine.

So you just closed the previous patch/hotfix thread without fixing the problems or AT LEAST letting us know that you are on it… Why? The game is still unplayable at night, the arrows people farmed days for, or the dagger are useless. Or not being able to stop the game and other “minor” things that we mentioned several times. That’s just ridiculous.
But I think I’m just wasting my time because you don’t really give a … But it’s still frustating and disappointing.

And I almost forgot: if I exit the game with the night stalker mask on and launch again, the mask makes the game darker.
But it’s a long existing problem, so I guess it also will stay in the game :laughing:

I appreciate that long standing bugs do need to be addressed, but in fairness, this type of bug will be low down on their priority list when there are many other more game breaking issues to fix first.

May I suggest my own little “Hotfix” for your problem here… Take off the mask before logging off ???

Merry Christmas to everyone X


I think that making the mask work to begin with would be an awesome start. ^^

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If you have a PAK-error, then it would be a good idea to verify the integrity of your local files via Steam.

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New patch is out!