PC Patch (08.10.2019) - The Wine Cellar, new animations, Debaucheries of Derketo and more!

Official 1814

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This is unintended. Our team is looking into it.

There seems to be an issue affecting thralled Relic Hunter Treasure Seekers. Our team is looking into it.


Combat feels a bit better and smoother than before. Still it will be better if we are able to move while attack animations play, the rooted part while an attack animation plays really dumbs down the combat feeling, we should also be able to block with any weapon only shield should be able to protect from arrows though (duh). I can still easily kite mobs and players by turning my back on them and walking in zigzag. Daggers still miss their 1st attack even when im at range.

Hahahaha! One of my players just asked where the infamous ‘crotch-grab’ Idling gesture is… (computer says no…)

My internet went down while i was fighting in a official servers, that’s okay ill start a SP game.

Oh wait i can’t i need a connection for that. So any plans on implementing OFFLINE mode for SP games ?


As players, we are never satisfied with the Now, so - how about some ‘Idle’ poses for Pets too? (but unique per pet type).
I am sure it would be very, very easy for the Art Devs to do? lol


The names of half of my named thralls are in English, but the version of my game is Russian. Single player, no mods.
Thralls and other NPCs do not make sounds when attacking.

Please fix this.

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Mine are all the same. all that were placed have 100hp are labeled performers, with no gear or weapons. But their armor still shows graphically. And I just took 2 treasure seekers off my wheel this morning and placed them and they’re fine. Whatever they did broke the ones already placed.

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Wondering if we will get a proper release of items that truely belong to derketo as this dlc has very few things that could count and even then could of easily been to another lesser god like Ishtar.

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official EU1025 most things here are in german now and not english specialy when tamed or dead maybe when you have time look into this please

Relic hunters allready mentioned a few times so thats oke

We on EU1025 have like 500 maybe even more thralls and pets of different people that dont play anymore and those buildings decayed but the thralls and pets still alive even after 2 months
Can you help with this plz or just wipe all outside thralls and be done with that :smiley:

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You do all realise that unless there is a fix they all will be broken again after the next server restart, right?

This patch is a big disaster for us. We play on offical server and have lost like legedary armor and weapons for like 10 thralls by this. I also lost all my gear i was wearing when loged off before the update. Blade of the Adventurer is gone… This includes a flawless epic bearer shaman. Also changing specs like heat/cold resistance of dlc itmes is a bad move for some people since decisions my relay on such things.

As much as I was excited about the new contend when logging in today, this is rather a low blow…

Edit: the sounds our thralls are doing now, make me feel like being in a brothel. :woozy_face:


When I first logged in on our pvp server, I thought I am gonna get raided because of all that noises I had in our base. And while it is a good change for pve players its an absolut horror for pvp, since I can´t hear any steps outside anymore.

I would like to see an option to turn the noices off.

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Most people on my private rp pvp server (New Lordore) are reporting huge lag (up to 400 ms ping from 53 which would be normal for me) and big drops in fps (I have dropped from 50ish which is normal to 1-5 on occasion. The conditions also fluctuate a lot, both lag and fps.

I just bought the debauchery pack from steam store.

The server runs several mods which may or may not be connected.
Here should be a list of the mods

The most urging question I now have is: will there be a roll back? @Community


Also happening to MULTIPLE players on my server!!

is there a possible ETA on a hot fix for the issues

You also broke all thralls. No armor, no weapons. 100 hp on relic hunters and they are all named “Performer” now. This is one massive bug

It’s not just relic hunters. All thralls except a few names. Players across the board lost hard earned weapons, armor etc they placed on thralls as well as having a thrall that can be spat on and dies instantly

I would really appreciate if the thralls could be silenced, and the own character as well. Idle emotes, okay, but they should be toggleable. The fast repetition interval makes them appear really fidgety, and if you have more than 5 thralls it turns into a choir of moans, like a brothel or graveyard with a ghoul party.