PC Patch (24.10.2019) - Optimizations, audio and other fixes

13 GB for that ? Jeez you guys need to go back to studying programming. I have never seen a fix weight 13Gb my whole life… you are probably the first company to achieve this.


Y U do dis?! This was one of the only ways we PvE players had to cull thrall populations without building ridiculous towers (that might not do enough falling damage), or taking a trip to the volcano and hoping we could find lava that wasn’t already in someone else’s land claim. :sob:

Does this patch solve the issue with the Relic hunter tresure seekers converting into entertainers with no gear and 100 HP ?

Is it safe to collect a Relic Hunter thrall and put on good gear, Or will it revert and we lose everything again?


It was also used as an exploit (and also a very, very unintended “feature” reported multiple times).
But fear not, as changes for the thrall and pet system are coming.

Soon :tm:

That issue was hotfixed last week. It should be safe now.


Sorry i might be in the wrong forum, iam a PS player so is this fixed for console aswell?

For the PS4 patchnotes please check here:


Alrighty, really hoping that it will be an option to dismiss them so they can walk off into the sunset.

As for the huge orphan populations that have cropped up since feeding was removed and only a login is required to refresh them, I’m hoping their continued existence will change to being contingent upon being within their owner’s landclaim. In this way at least, if a base is abandoned they can eventually die off instead of hanging out forever, or worse, being kept alive by someone else building there.

Failing that, we’re at least hoping the bug with thralls being kept alive by a different clan building over the ruins of an old clan can be figured out.


As much as I like this idea, what about a more… barbaric option, like being able to execute ones that have proven to be useless.




Or, ya know, run around in circles like a confused rhino until they despawn. Whichever. :stuck_out_tongue:

And yes, I’d be… content with @CrystalGoddess’ solution too. (You monsters! :laughing:)


Or you dismiss them, they bow like a loyal servant and you let them live because… Yeah…

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Nailling them above ur main gate could do.

Or impaling them on pikes carefully placed around ur settlements.

Gallows ? Nah … thralls roting alive stink ! :nauseated_face: … i mean more than they usually do…

Oh wait wait wait !! I know ! Horses ! We’ll get horses ! We could tie one horse to each limb and have the horses pull thralls appart !! :smiley: Perfect animation for Spring festivals !! Kids LOVE horses !! :partying_face:


You’re a true barbarian @SuperDuperOtter

Ugh, sorry, but why only the male one? You just give the up arrow key a slight tap and it looks like the character is about to trip over her feet. That doesn’t look very natural at all. Maybe at a full stop after a full sprint, but not … always, not for every twitch the character makes…


PC 1328服务器,为什么到现在都刷新不出来?:hot_face:

Has the patch launched for the xbox version yet. It keeps saying that a new patch is avalance but there is none downloading.

crafter thralls are broken, (least on my server) - they don’t animate at all now. just sit there frozen in time…

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There are still random crashes when trying to change clothes.

Textures are the reason read! Nothing to do with Programming! :yawning_face:


Been testing this patch on testlive for a week and yes, this happens quite often. Removing and replacing the thrall gets it moving again, but I assume they are already looking at this one.