People keeps insulting me and calling me sateka /shrea

As title of post says people says im those persons but im not and they keep calling me troll and insult me.
As far as i know those persons were banned for bad behaviour and they make alts to bother people but im not them,and i keep getting falsely accused and reported

You probably behave exactly like the person people know, so they just assume you are that person.

If people are accusing you of being Satetka, you might want to take a deep look at what you are doing and stop doing that.

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all i do is ask for help in NPH chat thing
last night i had lots of trouble with Hemidall son of Jeffersson but managed to beat it and 2 peoples said im the satateka and insulted me and called me troll (both reported btw)

do you have “ptah” in your character name?