Permanent crash after pushing DailyRewards or ItemShop

Maybe somone know how make it works correctly.Tried interfaces:corruption 2 , default UI and Strange UI - the same problem.
have this titles when load into the game:it can be changed from “false” to “true” and convert to another side:
Changed variable SplashScreenFadeOutTime from 0 to 0
Changed variable SplashScreenFadeInTime from 0 to 0
Changed variable <dailyLogin_window> from false to false
Changed variable <itemshop_window> from true to false

Also have a file in Gui-Aoc -“no itemshop popup” -" Flash"(nologinshop) - modules.xml.add.
Tried to delete it - same

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delete /scripts/auto_login to not see the “changed variable …”. that shouldn’t prevent any crash tho.

try checking the files data ib the patcher, that could fix it if you have corrupted files somewhere. that can maybe fix something.

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thanx i will try