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Well, I guess I’ve transitioned from AoC to Exiles; we’ll see how it goes, but so far, it’s not bad.

Anyway, my question is whether or not one is able to set up a server where one of the players takes the role of a Referee with the ability to create cities, NPCs, shops, lairs, dungeons, etc.; and to be able to take over NPCs as necessary to interact with other players.

Is this a function that goes along with having a private server?


Possible with mods.

Pippi, Dungeon Master Tools, Less Building Placement Restrictions are a few of those that provide tools for the admins to create custom dungeons and introduce new content to their servers.


Cool, thanx!

OK, I’ve gotten the relevant mods, but - if I’m reading them right, well, skimming them, at the moment - they look like they only allow the building of dungeons.

Are there any tools that can be used to build towns or cities?


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You can build towns and cities using those mods and the admin control panel. With the admin panel, you can spawn in any materials you need for building and fly around to make it easier to construct your buildings. With the mods, you can populate the city with NPCs and give them some dialog and set up shops.

What you can do with these tools is somewhat limited – you can’t create a whole new Skyrim – but it still goes way beyond what the base game gives you.

@Narelle and @Larathiel are the two people I know on these forums who are really good at using mods to make their servers shine, they can probably give you better advice than I can.


One of the key features in Pippi that you’ll want to look at are the Thespians. These allow you to add NPCs who can perform emotes, or run stores. If you’re ambitious, you can even create dialog trees for them, and have them offer simple quests.

Beyond that, you might do well to check out mods like Shadows of Skelos (SvS), The Dude’s Delightful Decorations, Savage Steel, and other mods containing placeables and additional building sets that fit the theme you’re going for.

As for making your cities, that mostly comes down to using the building system creatively, although some the the aforementioned mods do have very large placeables that are buildings unto themselves (i.e. ships, lighthouses, mills in Savage Steel).


Login as an admin using makemeadmin

Then press the following key input: Ctrl + Alt + Shift + F10
Now you can build infinitely in creative from single building pieces, no more need to spawn hundreds of foundations. Thank me later.


Duuuuuude! I had no idea!


:metal: Thank you! :metal:


Further to the other comments, Pippi also offers tools such as NPC and loot spawners that you can utilize to populate your dungeons/cities. You can also create custom loot tables by assigning kits to NPCs.

Dungeon Master Tools have a bunch of cool stuff such as traps, placeable hazard areas, a bunch of other admin stuff. There is a PDF instruction manual for the mod downloadable here:


Ok, thanx, all!

I’ve been looking for a persistent alternative to NWN and, but for the missing magic, this foundation and the mods mentioned seem to do the trick.

Now to do some testing after work.

Thanx again!

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