Pets refusing to eat

Game mode: Privet server
Type of issue: Pets problems
Server type: PvP
Region: U.S.A. east coast

My pets are not eating. Their hunger is at zero but they are not starving to death ether. They have the right food in their inventory. The strangest part is that they keep calling for food form the feed box. Their inventories are filled to the max with food from the feed box. If i take the food out they take more from the box but again they are not eating.

the mods are litman item stacking, Pippi, and litman extra storage. However I tested it in single player with no mods and have the same issues.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:
1.Get a pet
2.Set up feed box
3.Then wait

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You play on privat server, so there are chances you use some mods ?

All mods using modcontroller may cause this issue with feeding pets. But pets don’t need food anymore to survive, they’re working with the decay-system now.
Food for pets and thralls provide them just a boost now in fight.


If you read my post you would have the answer to your first question.

If you read my answer, you have also the answer to your post.

Here you’re issue is called Pippi especially, and it’s well known, you may get some info on theyr discord about that.


@Anglinex, I read @Vattende’s post as a courteous way to tell you to eliminate the mods and see if it still occurs.

The behaviour you describe is not normal, either online or solo. My pets eat from the trough either way and neither use any mods. If you are unable to eliminate the mods from your online server, you cannot dismiss this as the source. Mods, and other things, behave differently in the two scenarios, online and solo.

I have let pets starve to 15% or less and all they do is whine about it. If you listen carefully, you can tell the difference between normal hyena sounds and hungry howls.

I wish you luck.



The feeding problem with mods using mod controller is especially on servers.
I tested same modlist on singleplayer, and pets will eat like intended, while on servers they stop to eat.

So most modded servers have a choice, or remove the mods not allowing feeding, and this touch now many mods, or disable feeding.
Sure, game isn’t acting in a similar way for all on servers and singleplayer.
But the feeding problem with mods is well known, and there isn’t any solution right now.

In my post i said that I tested it in single player with no mods.

Read what @Vattende and I said, try reading it twice.

I am done.

Best of luck


You keep talking about mods. I tested it in single player without any mods and it still happened. And in my first post I said that I tested it in single player with no mods.

Please keep it civil.
Also, the feeding system was disabled a few patches ago, with only a few remnants of it still present in the UI. We’ll be removing any left in upcoming patches.

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I am sorry. I get supremely frustrated when people respond to a post without reading it all.

Your apology and reason made me want to try to help you again. Please read and understand the following …

Solo/coop is not the same as online. Unfortunately, one cannot ‘prove’ something in a solo game and apply that proof to online.

This is magnified by the use of mods. A modder could possibly miss something in solo that is different in online. Modders are good, but not perfect, like all of us.

Let me paraphrase @Vattende as follows:

“I tested the same mod list on solo and pets ate fine. When I found the same mods online, they refused to eat.”

(S)he went out of her way to test your conditions and got the same results, thus pointing to an inherent flaw in a mod that I am pretty sure is the source of your problem.

I can say with certainty that both of us read your OP in detail and were trying to help.

Until you can see the same results online (mod removal), there is no more we can offer.

Best of luck, and sorry for your frustration.



I get that your trying to help. However I’ve said it three times and now a fourth. I tried it without any mods and it still happened. This would mean that the mods are not affecting it. If mods are not affecting it then it’s a problem with the game itself.

Let it be, Jim, OP seems clearly have a problem with the “reading” factor here on the forum. :sweat_smile:

Pippi is a great mod made by very talented modders, but it may results like other mods made with a mod-controller, in some problems with the feeding-system, especially online-servers.
Same modlist may work well in singleplayer mod.
I used this great mod for long on my privat servers, but runned myself in the feeding issue in online mod and retrieved it after lot tests.
This issue was largely described and discuted here on forum and on discord. There is nothing than can be done for the moment, it would need a rework of the mod-controller as such.

Then feeding system was changed again. Like you know, feeding is no longer needed for pets to survive, they linked now to the decay-system, but can become a boost trough feeding in fights.
But still, some mods, in combination with mod-controller now used with most bigger mods, may still give some troubles with pets.

Sure, for reliable tests your need start a new game. Infos are stored in database, so yes, a new game for serious tests is still needed.

And now as I say it for the fifth time I tried it without any mods and it still happened. Ignasis says it’s all going away soon anyway so no more point in continuing.

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