Picts have heat bonus? Why do Turan have a cold bonus?

The books say: Picts live in ice-cold countries, full of snow and frost

Why did funcom give you a bonus of heat ?

And could funcom change that, please
The stillness of the set of Picts is full of skins and bearskins !

The model for the picts, at conen are the picts (Scotland)

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No, the model for Howard’s Pict aren’t the historical Picts who lived in northern Scotland. Obviously you never read any Conan stories by Howard to say that. Anyway whatever Howard’s model for Picts is, he didn’t place their land in a cold area like Scotland. Look at the map of the Hyborian lands to see that most of the Pictish land is hot or warm temperate and only a tiny part bordering Cimmeria and Asgard is cold.

Then take a close look at the map

the picts live west of aquilonia
These are highlands, high mountains
and it is very cold there

I’m in the Alps, and it can be very cold for her

See the black river and Map
all that is west of him is ice and snow

Then have a look at Age of Conan and for example the zone you begin with.
Jungle, beaches, pirates, apes, black panthers and… oh, picts !

The Pictish Desolation is very wide and show a variety of landscapes and climates, not only colder ones.

Yes, if they had played age of conan right
Did you know the picts were abducted?
so came on the island

From lvl 45 you come to the land of the picts
Order from conan, west of the black river
and there are highlands

Why do Turan have a cold bonus ???

The books say: Turan live in hot lands, full of desert and sand

Why did funcom give you a cold bonus?

And could funcom please change that
The silence of the Turan is full of silk and towels!

The model for the Turan, at conen are the (Persians)
The books say: Turan live in desert lands

If you look at the map Turan is located east of Stygien
Stygian = Egyptian = desert

The Picts live mostly along the Western Ocean coast and in the temperate forest toward the middle and south, and the boreal (hence Scotland like) in the north. They are not based on the historical Pict, but the historical Pict would be descended from them. Like the Cimmerians are descended from Atlanteans, and the Celts of mainland Europe are descended from the Cimmerians (Last few paragraphs of REH’s Hyborian Age essay cover this).

As for “Picts live in ice-cold countries, full of snow and frost”, I cannot see what REH written source lead you to that. ‘Beyond the Black River’, the fragments of ‘The Black Stranger’, and ‘Wolves Beyond the Border’ take place in the temperate regions in parallel to the Aquilonian marsh lands of their southern and western borders. With the Picts described as only wearing loincloths and war paint. The Pictish wilderness to the west of Aquilonia is more the Ho Rainforest of the U.S. Pacific Northwest.

As for beast, that would serve for skins in the Pictish wilderness. Well, largest would be the gorillas and sabertooths of the deeper primordial forest, way further in among the Wolf confederation territory. Then there would be the Ghost Snake’s skins. But all that would be very rare. However panthers, leopards, bears, and other large mammals like exist in the Pacific Northwest of now could most likely be found rather commonly.

Based on what we see of the Pict, in their native environment, and also has mercenaries in the southern areas toward the east (Black Colossus), I’d imagine they are better predisposed to dealing with hotter climates than cold ones, if I had to pick between the two sources.

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Are the Picts in Conan supposed to be based off of pre-Columbian North America?

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Best source would be Robert E. Howard’s ‘Hyborian Age’ essay for who he saw the Picts in the Hyborian time as, as well as their much earlier in prehistory role in the King Kull stories where they were far more civilized as another source for a deeper back story.

But before the great cataclysm, much of the Picts lived on islands, that were heaved up with the cataclysm to become the new western coast and some mountain regions while Atlantis sank.

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Yet Picts have Panther tribe, Alligator tribe, Turtle tribe… among others and as far as I remember those animals don’t really live in the cold.

Turan are an Hyrkanian tribe that settled south of the Villayet sea, there no sans hot desert there. I didn’t read anything asking that to be changed. Obviously it doesn’t bother anybody that Hyrkanian armour is against cold not heat. Then why are you so mad the Turan armours, just Hyrkanian people who get dedicated armours, are protecting against cold too?
It’s perfectly logical and fits the lore. There’s no reasons for the Turan to change their armours design just because amongst all the land they conquered to build their empire, some are hot sand desert. Especially since they don’t really control those sand deserts where Zuaguirs nomads roam.


If turan na your opinion Hyrkanian why then do not wear Hyrkanian armor ???
No, their armor is Arbaisch / Persich made for the desert
Why is the robber armor for the desert? because she is silk
eg. The Mongols have adapted to their new home. eg Persia, China, Indin etc.
Turan = desert people

Robert E. Howard’s was very historical
You can tell that in books
Because of that, I would say Picts are in the cold to moderate climate at home

I replied with the source on the issue with REH’s specific writings on the Picts. What ‘books’ are you refering to? Also he was inspired by history, and liked writing historical fiction. That said he wrote his Hyborian Age essay to establish his rules and established lore for his Hyborian Age works. You can see this going through his letters with H.P. Lovecract and other Weird Tales authors when he comments why he found writing historical fiction frustrating at times.

Again, if you take ‘Beyond Black River’, and the fragments of ‘The Black Stranger’, ‘Wolves Beyond the Border’ you have the deffinative writings of REH’s Picts. Along with the Hyboran Age essay you do not have the vision of the Picts as Arctic or Boreal region dwelling people.

I’m referring to the book ( Conan im Piktenland )
Conan moves to the Pictish Highlands
as it says in English, I do not know

That’s not REH written.

But is REH, there are 2 books
it was never released
You can read them in the museum.
The name of museum … I do not remember

There are some books, drawings by REH
but they were never published

No. It is not a REH book.

I’ve read all Robert E. Howard’s Conan stories, including the fragments and concepts he wrote that were never published during his lifetime, and i’m reasonably certain that “Conan im Piktenland” is not one of them. Considering that Howard created his Hyborian Age with attention to detail, it would be unlikely that he would’ve written such a break in his own continuity and in-world logic.

However. Before creating his Conan the Cimmerian, Howard did write some barbarian fiction, including at least one with a character called Conan. I haven’t read that one, but would it be possible that the story you refer to would be one of these pre-Conan Conans?

I must say I’m a little skeptical, though: what museum would archive a German translation of Howard’s Conan stories?

It may be that the German version have different names than in English

The book I have seen my holidays in USA
in San Francisco , says my brother

I just went through the bibliography of Robert E. Howard that has been translated into German and found no mention of such a story. I also googled “Conan im Piktenland” with no matches.

I admit, my German is somewhat rusty so I may have missed something. Perhaps you could find a source to support this claim?

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It might also be that even if the book is a correct genuine one, the translation could’ve deviated from the original message (due reasons), more or less accidentally causing a different universe (timeline shift) to be born in German distribution at that time. Mistakes happen and sometimes creative freedom is a necessity, but this specific situation would be quite something to behold.