Pie in the Sky Wishlist for Conan Exiles

My Suggestion List for CE…

  1. Cannot stress this enough: fix your bugs. Game was released too early and have so many bugs that you will destroy your player base before you can really start to improve your game. A LOT of issues with the general gameplay can be overlooked if the bugs were non-existent. Building placement, thrall issues, cannot hit target issues, basic combat mechanic issues, weapon configuration issues, random rubberbanding and mob popping issues, weapon balance issues (including weapons having the wrong mechanic for swings), targeting issues (still), performance issues, memory issues, the list goes on and on… And the player base impact is already apparent. Where it was hard to find open slots on a server, many servers are now just barren.

  2. Better Offline Controls/Mechanics - right now, offline raiding is the norm. If the enemy is online, it is significantly harder to raid their base. Some communities want to avoid base raiding if the enemy is offline. Some ideas for this include making assets belonging to a clan with 0 members online invulnerable (with a delay and certain thresholds to stop griefing by logging off during a losing battle, etc…). Another thought is to have Thralls that are capable of rebuilding the destroyed items. Let’s assume you raid a base while everyone is offline and destroy a wall. The thralls come in and chase you off. Some of them begin repairing the destroyed items. Offline base raiding should not be the norm as it is just not fun (for attacker and defender, tbh).

  3. More PVE Content - The main storyline is a bit… scarce and hard to get into. With so much terrain in the game, it would be easy to begin adding additional PvE content. Dungeons, large scale raid mobs, etc… But more importantly, more things to do in a non-pvp situation. PVE stuff from easy soloable to pretty darn impossible with 70 people. That’d be ideal. :wink:

  4. You have all the makings for clan politics here but you are currently just shy. So, these all go torwards the political/war aspect:

  • Notes have to be writable. This bug hurts this aspect so much. Would love to walk up to another clan’s base and put a note under a dagger on their building (which also needs to be allowable) and post a message in the note so they can see it. Notes should be special items that can be picked up, dropped, etc… but very rarely decay.
  • Various wearable flags - think Japanese armies here - some sort of banner I can wear as a backpack item that is a big flag in the air. Base colors are required (red, green, blue, yellow, WHITE, etc…). Additional emblems would be great.). I know this may not be necessary with the proper use of Dyes. Just a nice to have.
  • Clan Relations - not hard rules as I am a fan of it being open world. Just simply indications of what the other clan is. For example, you can mark them as a color… Red is dead. Green is friendly. Etc… It is still up to my own clan members to follow the rules. Your thralls would follow the relations exactly.
  • NPC Traders - a mechanism for setting up a merchant thrall assigned to a box. The items in the box can be assigned a price (X of component A). The NPC Trader can still be mugged, robbed, etc… and the items in the box can be grabbed in the same way as though the box was out in the open.
  • Something more to fight over. Raiding right now rarely results in acquiring items of sufficient value to counter the cost of raiding… Not sure if items is the answer or thrall capture or… something. Right now, the only purpose to raid is to be a douche. Perhaps extremely unique artifacts that are required to complete a large scale quest? The artifacts are all over the world only spawn once and never destroy. Just spit balling.
  • Thrall patrol routes - ability to either tell a thrall to patrol, give a thrall a precise route or simply a single waypoint to move between.
  1. Server Mod Distribution - when joining a server with mods on it, auto-subscribe to the mods in steam (upon user approval) so that joining a modded server is easier.

  2. Magic - know it is coming, so added here cuz it aint here yet

  3. Super politics (this is very pie in the sky but hey) - building an area large enough, the thralls begin to have their own interests. For example, your thralls may wish to attack another Clan. Neglecting their wishes could incite rebellion. This is a bit fuzzy to me still but man the possibilities get pretty crazy.

  4. Make the races matter - right now I have no idea what the races do. My first play through I picked one race because it mentioned magic using and such and I thought, cool I like magic (not knowing that magic wasn’t in the game). Yup, I’m just like everyone else. 0_o

Just some thoughts. Sure they will fall on deaf ears but I can still dream…


+1 on everything, especially #1.

Once we get tamed wolves, they need to bark when a hostile player is near, and accompany a thrall on patrol.

This one is super important. At the end of the day, the bugs will get fixed (probably), but people may get sick of the endless pvp cycle (especially if they are getting griefed) but if the pve content is good, then players will keep coming back to the game regardless.


I would like to compare the game release to Ark Survival evolved release. This game is created by a real dev not some nut in a basement! This game preforms way better then Ark ever has and Ark release was a disaster! Compared to that this is a dream of a release.

Whitelist is coming they are testing it on the test realms right now and i am still really happy that they actually have test servers. Ark does still not have test servers and it’s still a disaster every time they patch!

I did not read all of your post, it was a little to long. I just think that Funcom are doing a good job at fixing the game in a timely manner, while not making a mess of the game :smile:

The big issue for me right now is that they need to fix the decay system and the Thralls :rofl: go make me happy :sunglasses:

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Like the first one very much.
and totally disagree with the 7.
Thralls are NOT citizens not even clan members they are SLAVES so them: shut up and do your work boi… :smiley: If they granted free will I wanna have on option for a Whip or ■■■■■-slap them till the think myway…

But I’d like to have the option to “pose” them give em emotes, or just assign them to a chair or a merchant bench. etc.

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Then maybe not a thrall but actual citizens. They (funcom) mentioned settlements somewhere but I’m not sure what they entailed.

However, a thrall rebellion could still happen. shrug

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The new decay system is awesome and they fixed some of the most pressing thrall problems :slight_smile:

Good stuff :smiley: