Ping seems 40 but feels like 500

Well in singleplayer i have no problem i can play without any NPC teleporting through me or game teleporting me and falling off a cliff. But when i join any server PVP,PVE,PVE-C doesn’t make a difference or 40 ping 200 ping like i said doesn’t make a difference all of them lags and makes the game unplayabel. And when i say lag it’s not some little delay i mean huge teleports and time losses. So am i the only one who’s experiancing this kind of issue or is it normal. If it is me is there a fix for it ? (Btw im sure my connection is not a problem here i tested my ping for a dozen of times and i don’t have any problem with any other game.)

There are 2 pings.

One is the ping you see in the server browser. The other is the servers tick rate ping in the debug HUD.

If the server is heavily loaded the server FPS or ping is affected. The patch coming this week should improve on this as well.

The ping listed on the server page is probably just an ICMP ping response time and does not represent in game response times.

If you type toggledebughud in the console you can see both the effective response delay and the number of server updates per second (shown as server FPS).

At peak times, I’ve seen the effective ping as high as 780ms, although 450-550 is more typical. Server FPS (more conventionally known as tick rate, apparently) can be as low a 2. So with that much lag, and the server only processing 2 updates every second due to load, yeah, it can be pretty unplayable.

Edit: Second!

Thank you guys for the information i think i got my answer i hope it gets better in time.

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