Pippi mod ends = Conan RP ends

nope. Pippi added some very basic tools that FC should have for server owners. Heat map, offline player listings, easy to create currency system.

Imagine DnD but you dont have anything but a 4 sided di. No 20 sided, no variations, and no pen and paper. Yeah, that is what pippi dod for rp community. Added variables to allow for a deeper experience based on yhe owners skills.


Not just that, I saw in your updates that Pippi has been instrumental in your own uptake of mods, integration, and streamlining of your Admin experience. That’s from a PvP standpoint. Therefore I do believe you’re correct it will harm RP unless a comprehensive replacement solution is implemented.


yeah, it inspired me to realize there is pvp somewhere in this games dna. I am trying to isolate that, then genetically mutate the FC path into one pvpers can stomach lol.


There’s several reasons why a developer may not incorporate mod features into their base game, even if it is solid and provides popular features. In addition to being developers they are also a company. What they spend time focusing on has to ultimately generate revenue. If the mod no longer functions and it really impacts as many players as you think it does then the loss of revenue could be enough for them to consider stepping in. I think the reality is, unfortunately in your case, pippi is used by a small minority of people. The good news is it looks like some others are stepping in so if the demand is there the mod may get a spiritual successor.

Pippi is has 500,000+ subscribers (granted not all active users) so it’s widely used. So, it’s not used by a small minority of people by a long shot.


True on the rest.


Mods like this are not getting developed over night. This is years of hard work to get a result like that. Even if people are working on a new mod you can´t except this mod to work to the full extend like pipi did. And here in lies the problem. pipi is not an ordinary mod, it is “THE mod”. Its the basic of a lot of other mods. With pipi installed you actually can monitor your server to eliminate abuse and cheating very effectively. You can see hidden underground bases, bodyvaulting, stat manipulation, duping. With this gone admins definitly loose control over their servers. Maybe not a hugh problem for pve, but for pvp this is hugh.

Without this mod, server admins that relay on keeping their servers clean are back at point zero. And Funcom is to blame for that. Because they took it too far with the whole monetization stuff. Its forseeable that more then this modder is taking its hat in the near future.

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I agree which is one of my asks for player/clan management to be built for server admins. It is THE MOD, of course. Of course, anything is replaceable with time. Although with 5 years of work, it is very hard to replace though. No matter how good these mod authors are, hard to fully replace Pippi. Yes, with that reason alone, some features will be lost. One for sure is bluboard (doubt anyone will recreate that since it was a major task to create in the first place). Granted, I am not sure it’s a needed feature either. I used to get stats on buildings, otherwise copy and pasting structures, was only used once for a player to relocate.

I added additional test results by Asail in the earlier post (above) regarding Pippi and 3.0 test version. More things are working. Nothing new was found broken at the moment, which is good news.

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Bold take to claim monetization was the reason Joshtech left with zero evidence to back it up. The only sighted reason for leaving was him acknowledging the toxic attacks directed at him for leaving as a reinforcement to his original decision (on Pippis discord).

Oh there will be more mod creators who may very well leave, but the most sighted reason to date isnt because of "monetization. " And I know, because I actually work with a lot of them. Ths constant toxicity from this community directed at its mod creators are by far the most sighted reason people have left over the years, and there are more who are on the verge of it for the same reasons. Believe me, we all noticed your alls reactions on Pippis discord just as Joshtech did.

As for the OP, mods are an important element to Conan. But we are not the “majority.” Not by a long shot. Not even close to the majority of users. Pippi being discontinued sucks, Joshtech leaving sucks, but the belief that Conan will suddenly die is false.

The rest of your complaints is simple basics of game development where it is simply impossible to work on everything expected by its gamers. But what do I know, onlh been working on mods and learning game dev for 4.5 years on Conan alone. As i know i will just get yelled at, muting the thread, but the point needed to be made.


The only ones failing are those who refuse to take personal responsibility for running a successful server. This is neither a problem with a mod author or Funcom. It is on the server owner and their community.

Tens of Thousands of players have never even experienced Pippi or any mods for that matter. This includes the entire Playstation and Xbox communities. They play the game just fine. Losing Pippi sucks, trust me, it was one of my favorite mods. It made running a server super easy and gave tons of features.

Funcom doesn’t add them because quite frankly they’re not needed. Even as well designed as Pippi was, it still bloats up the requirements to run the game (all mods do this to one degree or another). It adds features that not every player needs. Pippi for as great as it is, adds NOTHING that is required and adds tools, features, and options that are elective in nature.

I get it, Funcom has added features of mods to the game before. I will tell you that in almost every case those features were not literally taken straight from the mod. In many cases they weren’t even inspired by the mod. More often than not being independently developed and coincidently having similarities.

Where Funcom has done well is giving us the tools, documentation, and centralizing an excellent modding community that fosters creativity and cooperation to allow mods like Pippi and many many others to be able to be created in the first place.

The issue is one Multigun touched on. Is an entitled playerbase that gives absolute dog sh-t to modders and FC developers alike for problems at the end of the day they cause unto themselves. Every day modders endure abuse on their discords, their workshop pages, and in social media. Every day you all come on these forums and bash FC day in and day out.

We see this every patch day. We see this every day a modder adds a new feature. We see this every time a player loads the wrong version, doesn’t manage their mod order properly, and doesn’t read basic instructions.

Hell I even saw the creators of Savage Wilds (a map) get flak from a player using one of my mods that had been out of date for two years and even stated it was deprecated and out of date, and likely wouldn’t work. My mod only altered stats on weapons so it was a simple itemtable merge. But their first thought when they couldn’t dismantle a hardened steel bow was to run to the mod author of a map. That’s the sort of BS that mod authors deal with on a daily basis.

The problem is players and server owners who won’t take responsibility for their own errors, their own mismanagement, and rely on crutches to overcome their own short comings. Pippi is used to enhance a server experience, not create one.

Suffice to say, if you cannot manage an unmodded server. You probably shouldn’t run a modded one. I’ve personally helped raise a population of an unmodded server to be a 70/70 server and in the top 5 of servers. Can anyone who is panicking about the loss of Pippi say the same?

This isn’t me tooting my own horn here. Its me explaining from personal experience that life without a mod works fine. And even if there is a feature you really want because it does that one thing you believe will help bring your idea of a perfect setup to fruition, you have a devkit you can download. I’ve done that too. There were features I wanted that existing mods didn’t have. So I made them.

If there is features you want from Pippi, then your responsibility is to wait for someone to create them, make them yourself, or commission someone to make them. It is not Funcom’s responsibility.


Something I don’t think anyone has mentioned.

Game devs don’t take mod content and roll it into the game. It has something to do with legal issues.

They might make something similar but that doesn’t function in exactly the same way, possibly. But there’s no way they’re going to take any mod and roll it flat out into the game.

Seen this with any other number of games that allowed modding, and people liked the mods so much they wanted it incorporated in that way, and that was always the answer given.

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False…from the EULA

“By distributing your Mod, you agree that you grant Funcom and its affiliates, a perpetual, non-revocable, license to use, display and create adaptations of your Mod for promotional and marketing purposes.”


To be fair, that only says promotional or marketing, not like actual gameplay usage.

I hate EULAs anyways. Those things are toxic.

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This right here here is literally saying to use

I was going with the fact that all of those, are linked to this

Rather than simply:
use your mod
display your mod
create adaptations of your mod for promotional and marketing purposes

I don’t like EULAs to begin with. All they are is basically signing a contract so companies can do things they normally can’t legally do, getting you to sign your rights away.

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Tit for tat. Basically they own everything to do with yourbmod, with maybebsome unique source code, so using it is using it whether for promotional reasoms or not. Modders know this going in. They are giving us a free high end tool set with the game. They hold all the rights. If they don’t want to copy it, it is a decision not based on legalities, but preference and respect to the mod authors.

Yeah, but they don’t own anything you make for it, including scripting. Anything made with the assets of the game would be derivative work belonging to Funcom, but any new models, textures, and scripting is owned by the creator. If they wanted to roll in Pippi they’d either have to hire Joshtech to reimplement it natively (which was actually tried in the past) or buy the code and rights thereof outright.

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This is what I was referring to. In the past cases from what I posted about, people had said that the modders would have to be paid for their work, and it wasn’t something most would do.

I agree…source code created by modder are proprietary. But they could just reverse engineer. Plus they have C++ access modders dont. So they could make a replica using thier own “normal” code that does everything the modder did. Modders have to use unique scripts because they dont have the c++ access. Thus thatbis where the gray area is. But saying they cant do it at all without comping the modder is false.

But that would just be a reimplementation of their own making and wouldn’t be the same as just putting Pippi in natively, naturally there would be differences in methods to go about making the same functions (especially since you mentioned access to systems modders don’t have. they could potentially make similar functionality in ways Joshtech never could). This is where you’d get into grey areas where if push came to shove legal issues would pop up for infringement, but then you’re also relying a lot on things like financial ability and willingness to engage in such things and overall the general decency of people at Funcom.

It doesn’t even stop at coding itself. There have been copyright infringement cases even over stuff like animations before (iirc one of the animators for one of the Assassin’s Creed games brought a suit against another game for straight up lifting his climbing/shimmying animations or something to that effect).

Bonjour à tous et à toutes, Joueurs, joueuses, développeurs de mods et développeurs Funcom.

Mais surtout un gros coup de gueule à Funcom.

Vous avez la chance et le privilège d’avoir des personnes passionnés qui conçoivent des mods pour donner un plus à votre jeu.
Le jeu en lui même est passionnant, malheureusement on en a vite fait le tour et vous avez eu la chance durant ces années, d’avoir un grand passionné (Joshtech, Créateur du mod Pippi) qui a depuis le début mis tout son talent à créer et compléter votre jeu, en lui apportant ce que tout maitre de jeu a besoin, un supplément à votre jeu de base.
Ainsi les Admins pouvaient créer des quêtes, des environnement, des PNJ et les joueurs pouvais en plus du jeu de base interagir avec les différent admins et leurs imagination.

Après l’annonce de l’arrêt de développement de son mod, car il n’aura plus le temps de le mettre a jour, l’ensemble de la communauté Conan Exiles ne sais plus ce qui va les retenir sur le jeu.

Un conseil si vous souhaitez garder le maximum de personnes sur votre jeu et si vous ne voulez pas faire un Bide avec la sortie de l’extension “Age Of Sorcelery”.
Intégrez les fonctionnalité du mod Pippi dans votre système de gestion panel administrateur, afin que les admins puissent continuer a donner vie a l’univers de Conan.

Sinon je peux vous assurez par expérience d’autres jeux, que les gens seront dégoutés et partiront.
Sortir une nouveauté, avec de la magie, c’est original, mais avant tout, le panel administrateur doit être complet puisque Funcom n’a aucun serveur de jeu à lui, sur lequel il interagit ave les joueurs en ajoutant du contenu, c’est la communauté, le partage et la créativité des moddeurs et des admins qui donne vie a votre jeu.

Maintenant la balle est dans votre camp, a vous de voir si vous préférez vous voiler la face et laisser ce jeu mourir, ou si vous allez réagir correctement à cette grande perte.

@Funcom, faites vite, sinon toute l’énergie de vos joueurs et admins seront perdu a tout jamais et vous ne les récupèrerez plus.

Cordialement, un fidèle qui vous veut du bien.


Hello everyone, Gamers, Mod Developers and Funcom Developers.

But above all a big rant at Funcom.

You are lucky and privileged to have passionate people designing mods to enhance your game.
The game itself is exciting, unfortunately we quickly got around to it and you were lucky during these years to have a great enthusiast (Joshtech, Creator of the Pippi mod) who from the start put all his talent into create and complete your game, giving it what every game master needs, a supplement to your basic game.
Thus the Admins could create quests, environments, NPCs and the players could in addition to the basic game interact with the different admins and their imaginations.

After the announcement of the cessation of development of his mod, because he will no longer have time to update it, the entire Conan Exiles community no longer knows what will keep them in the game.

A word of advice if you want to keep as many people as possible on your game and if you don’t want to flop with the release of the “Age Of Sorcelery” expansion.
Integrate the functionality of the Pippi mod into your admin panel management system, so admins can continue to bring the Conan universe to life.

Otherwise I can assure you from experience of other games that people will be disgusted and leave.
Bringing out something new, with magic, is original, but above all, the administrator panel must be complete since Funcom has no game server of its own, on which it interacts with players by adding content, it is the community, sharing and creativity of modders and admins that brings your game to life.

Now the ball is in your court, it’s up to you if you prefer to hide from the game and let this game die, or if you will react correctly to this great loss.

@Funcom, hurry, otherwise all the energy of your players and admins will be lost forever and you won’t get them back.

Sincerely, a faithful who wishes you well.