Pippi mod ends = Conan RP ends

With the end of the work of Joshtech and the years of Funcom fail to add these features to the admin tool and here to be prepared for the event we have now. Will be for me the reason why I won’t buy “age of Sorcery”!

You watch quietly as the biggest fangroup in the game (Private RP Server) is lost. It’s a grotesque job not to have taken this into account. I think now Conan will die after almost 6 years because it loses its greatest replay value with this admin tool!


Other diligent modders are already developing a new admin tool (Beyond Admin) and from what I’ve heard they are making great progress every day.

@Eradicati0n has already made a video on the subject, from which I also get my information


Well, the update is free so …


There are actually at least 3 different mod teams working on one. Beyond Admin being one, there is also CAT and Astrid and Roleplay Redux looking to implement some of the features potentially.


That sounds very promising. I can only say how proud I am of the Conan Exiles modding community! :sparkling_heart:


Nice that who makes the work in the community.
But the problem does not get better.
Nevertheless, all the data developed over the years are invalid, because they are certainly not compatible.’
Exactly this problem will arise with every new modder who says goodbye!
This is where Funcom fails. One should finally take responsibility here and implement popular things finally
Not caring about it and allow the largest fanbase of the game lives only from modders is simply bad.

And the update is sure to come back with DLC benefits in the near future.

Its a shame that there are those who think RP requires fancy gadgets, mods, or even a PC. When people have been playing table top RPGs with nothing more than a pencil and paper for nearly 50 years, and many with less than that for thousands of years.

While the Pippi mod made running a Conan Exiles server much easier, and the work of Joshtech will always be appreciated and seen with awe. It was never required for RP. All that is required is an idea and good friends. If you don’t have that, no amount or quality of mods will help you.


I am still doing RP stuff, do different themed runs, and never ever once used Pippi.
I saw it, I admired the work behind it, it is one of the most useful mods, but saying RP and thus Conan Exiles itself is dead, is an exaggeration.
RP just means you think about something, like you are a nordheimer, and do nordheimer stuff. Done, RP.
Pippi is not neccessary for it, but helpful, I admit.


If your fun depends on mods, then Conan Exiles just isn’t for you as a RP platform.
Maybe there’s a game out there that comes with the features you want natively. Because I don’t think the other modding teams will add things like thespians and such. And no, it is not Funcom’s responsibility to deliver these features to you so that you can continue to enjoy your RP.

although of course I have to admit that a better chat would be nice

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Funcom applied openly their project for free and splendid programmers fixed and still fixing beautiful things with this product! I see no failure here, sorry.
I will go no further in this conversation because I am a console player and I never had the luck to play with mods, still the hours I count are literally thousands without a single mod.
What is really hard and please correct me if I am wrong, is that a precious member of this forum and from what I read active member of the creation team of this mod, will be really sad.
I won’t say the name, I will just say “you are my best armorer”, I know that you are sad and it makes me sad too :pensive:.


Shupaa’s early testing of Pippi with 3.0

Asail early testing of Pippi with 3.0


you work for years on material for your server that is based on the Pippi mod. Then your 1k hours of work are always tied to whether the modder still continues.

Something like the Theapian features no longer have ruined all self-worked quest etc…

This context is meant not the old school PR of which you speak here.

To be fair that’s a decision and risk that you take when dealing with mods in general, not something that anyone should hold Funcom responsible for.


The work created with it is dead and will no longer be usable. That is what is meant !
Sure you can do RP differently but the time and work will be the same with each modder whose tools are no longer continued. And with that many RP servers will go offline now.

Yes. That’s something people need to understand and accept before they start relying on any mod. It has nothing to do with Funcom, and everything to do with players being unwilling to think things through and accept possible consequences of their decisions.

Even if Funcom implemented some of the Pippi features in their game, that doesn’t mean that migrating your stuff from Pippi to base game features would have been painless, or even possible.


You misunderstand me, I accuse Funcom only that they allow such good material, which captivates players of their game for years. Simply ignored…

Why is Funcom not able, when they see how well a mod is, received to bring this rudimentary into the base game ???

No one should know the database better than Funcom, it can not be that individual modders can do something that Funcom is not capable of?

My accusation is that if a mod is so good for so long, that Funcom is oversleeping to bring it into the game. Because they can do that without a doubt … it fails only in the cooperation of Funcom’s.

You don’t seriously believe that? The Pippi team works that out and Funcom, the makers of the same game are not able to implement the same, that’s a joke.

If the Pippi team can do it, Funcom can do it too. But it’s work and that’s exactly why Funcom fails…

Maybe you misunderstood what I meant by “migrating”, that’s probably because I’m using it in technical, software development sense.

Yes, Funcom can certainly implement features that are on par with Pippi. Let’s say they did that and now you have an update to download. What, exactly, would that update do to your game database?

At best, the implementation of the new features would not conflict with Pippi in any way, and you would have two sets of features – Pippi’s and base game – doing essentially the same things, which would leave you with all the hard work of removing whatever you placed in your world with Pippi (e.g. Thespians with Mushi scripts) and adding the equivalent stuff from the updated base game.

There are worse outcomes, of course. For example, Funcom might need to do some fundamental, backwards-incompatible changes to some of their code which would break Pippi, and then you would be in a situation that’s almost identical to the one you’re in now.

Does that make it clear?

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While it would be nice if they implement some of the features in Pippi especially Player/Clan Management for server admins (we all could use this for our servers), Merchants (Social - for the player base & Professional - for server admins), Commands/Ranking structures (for servers admins) and Webhooks for Discord or another voice setup (for server admins). Yes, it would be.

Would they do this? No idea. I noticed they added various features that mod authors have done previously so they could add them eventually. These take time, and there is a limit of their time where they need/want to focus on. Mod authors can put all their attention to one concept and not worry about other things. Funcom is not able to do that.

Lot of things wanted/needed for good RP servers will require mod authors to make. Some of these are not in the scope of the game’s continued development. Some may get some focus in the future.

I rather they focus on the main admin features for servers, since any private server could use them and let mods take care of the rest at this point.

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That I can say is Gold. I don’t use many mods on single player, usually though I do play on friends’ servers that do. I also can mostly be found on Official servers as many can attest with the barrage at times of posts sorry @CodeMage , @TeleTesselator , @biggcane55 , and a few others :stuck_out_tongue: . The modders I feel for this game are next level folks.