Placeable Prefabs

things like the religion shrines, map room or anything that needs flat surface should come with prebuilt foundation if none is present even if it means they will cost more to build.


Maybe could be added as a check off selection in your game options settings ?

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ill take anything.

It would streamline building by quite a bit agreed.

I was happy to see that you could actually move shrines, but it only lasted until I found out the move function didn’t really solve anything for replacing them, the move distance is too short and you constantly get the message “Too close to a similar construction” which was the one I tried to move… So it kinda was useless for shrines :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

im talking about shrines, and other placebles being built with its own foundation to solve the needing of a flat surface. they could just simply have 2 versions of the shrine or as sairdontis suggested, a toggle.

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