Placeable resources

So i was building a village, and i made this neat storage area to store wood for the campfires. This gave me the idea, why can we make crates or chests to store things like wood and stone, but cant make an item that represents a pile or stack of wood/logs. or a pile of stone.

This would be incredibly immersive to be able to place, even if it were purely aesthethic.


Am i the only one here that sees this as a nice addition?

the reason why we dont have this is because of server performance draw calls. The less draw call the better for you when you are playing on server. If it was all single player they wouldnt need to do that.

i dont see the difference between crafting a barrel or a chest and crafting a stack of logs? why should that be performance heavy?

the more complex the image is being drawn the more ping it has to throw at you. for server based its all about drawing around you… for single player as not single server player. it will draw to camera so you could fit more content around you. To which i think is how skyrim is able to have the rich and colorful static meshes in the billions. There is one skyrim video of where someone tested the engine perform based on cheese and wanted to know how much cheese they could spawn before the game started lagging. It all about the geometry of the the mesh and how much cost does it need to draw call. Lightning, shads, physic, etc. Like their is alot going on. Generally the less Vertices, face and edge an object and the less resolution of material texture can impact for the better.

Let take wheel of pain for example. Its rotation based on client load of that object to increase performance of server. now when i change it to server call rotation so that all client can see the proper rotation. I’ve notice a little frame skipping on it and that was due to server draw call rather then client draw calls. now that was just animated and for granted what you want isnt animated. It was just an example. You have to balance the load of server draw call and client draw call. Like should only you see it. Or should server tell you what you are seeing. Its all about balance work load.

Im pretty sure the wheel of pain has more polygons than lets say a tree cut into 3 pieces stacked on top of eachother. I have no idea what your imagination of placable resources is but you are missing the point i think.

im talking about for example, a placable object that represents a stack of logs. basically when you cut a tree into 3 or 6 pieces and pile them in a pyramid. Stone could be a pile of bricks or just a pile of rubbish (or even just boulders or simply the compost heap bins filled with rockdebris).

Not polygon heavy. at all.

I have worked with 3d objects in CAD, blender/maya for 3d printing and worked with unity and cryengine myself…

im pretty sure i know what im talking about :slight_smile:

Would make a nice mod.

If you know how to do it why not load up dev kit and make a mod and surprise us then ?

why should i invest time into a mod i cant use? im on console;p so why bother with pc mods?

sorry i cant tell if you are on PC or not.

Xbox private server

This could actually improve this problem.
If you can only place timber, coal, stone, iron, bricks & skins in a dedicated pile that held vault like amounts it could eliminate the need for having to fill your base with chests.
Chests and cuboards seem to be the thing that take the most time to load in when the server is under stress.
Having a stack of each of these could eliminate upwards of 20 chest from the world.

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Wouldn’t mind that actually.

It would also serve as decoration which can be placed outside.

I can agree to this idea, even the large storage size, under one condition. Like a bench, the storage container must be always open. To have a stack of lumber “stacked in the corner” it is visually unsecured, and thus must be functionality uncecure.

What sense would it make to see a stack of wood piled up with nothing securing it and still not be able to take any of it?

actually quite a good idea to make them containers with large amounts of storage. However they should be limited to the item they represent. otherwise its just cheap storage. a pile of wood must be, a pile of wood. not filled with armor ie.


They could do it like in the game the forest and have separate wood and rock holders.

this wouls be perfect for lumber camps in the north or mines near sepurmu would make the game more immersive!

this would be nice!
Right now I’m using a bonfire for a stack of wood outside of my carpenter’s
But had nothing comparable for stone, so thats being stored in a cupboard.

Bonfire is a good idea for that and I too have had a hard time figuring out for stone I like the cosmetics and rp aspects of these games.

i lterally have 3 high rows of large chests in storageroom each chest containing a single kind of item… i also use the crates sometimes for basic materials such as wood stone and iron