We want to stack bombs

Currently bombs fit in inventory slots one at time. I would really like to see them stack to at least 20-25 instead of the way they are currently. What say you dear Conan devs and coders?

I think part of the idea for why it is the way it is now is so that you can’t load up your bearer thrall with over six hundred bombs plus whatever you’re carrying. :wink:


Not to mention that “whatever you’re carrying” can be ludicrous with the help of the infamous 5th enc perk. :smiley:


If you are with at least one other player you can craft bombs at a relativity fast speed. Placing them as they are crafted keeps you from needing to keep opening your inventory and manage your hotbar.

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this suggestions has 2 possible flaws:

  • balancing as already mentioned
  • the way the item is used

to the second point (more a technical thingy):
if you have a stack of 10 items and this item has an on use function like the explosive jars you need additional logic so that the on use only counts for 1 single item and not the whole stack. possible, sure but in combination with the balancing aspect maybe not worth the effort.

btw. the current on use logic is also the reason why warpaints are not stackable. otherwise it would move a full stack of warpaints to the hidden equipment slot which gives a multiple of the defined time as warpaint duration. side effect: replacing or removing the warpaint will destroy the whole stack.

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i mean you stack building pieces and place only one at time, insn’t that the same thing? Thanks


that’s exactly that bit of additional implementation which is needed for placeables (and a explosive jar is a placeable). building pieces and placeables did not share this logic because it is currently not needed.


All these things could be solved by simply making so if your current hotbar item runs out (like placing your last wall) and you still have more of that same item within your inventory, it automatically puts that in the hotbar.

This way having 600 walls will spare you from dragging every stack of 100 to the hotbar once the current one runs out, and will spare you the pain which is using several bombs during a raid.

Don’t think it would affect balance, as a matter of fact, i think that this kind of aritifical hurdle should not have anything to do with balancing at all.

placing a max of 8 bombs in a row vs. placing 200 bombs in a row, or even more if stackable, makes a big difference balancing wise (200 is the max slot number for the player inventory)


You all have valid points but… We could at least have em stack in 10s at minimum would be a lot better than just having em stack 1x1

No, just no. Like it is said, the best pvpers do not run around with 200 bombs in their inventory, but about 400 bombs worth of dragon powder, tar, jars. they usually have 2 or 3 hot wheel spots with 1 in it. they place and craft simultaneously. Having stacks to place would just make blowing things up even quicker. And since a lot of raiding is done offline, making it quicker only helps the raiders. At least make them have to spend some time dropping bombs.

Plus, it would just allow for more hoarding of finished bombs. As it is now, at least when hoarding bomb mats, they still have to be crafted for use.

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I’ve seen players place bombs and immediately ignite it in direct PvP. Why make it even easier?

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keeping something clunky in order to avoid another problem should never be the solution.

Lets solve this issue instead, then.

Make it so there is an internal delay between placing and igniting jars.

That is a lot of work for something that really isn’t clunky, and i believe working and functioning as intended. If anything, it is still too easy to drop 200 on something.


I didn’t consider that making several bombs and then going for raid is much worse, since they weight moch more than simply the materials needed. So yeah, forget about it, i was completely wrong.

If they had the same light weight as its materials, i would argue that crafting all of them before raiding should be the best and optimal way.

Just some advice if you are in a clan, we use the divide resource technique just in case. Which means our fighers carry about 20 raw bomb mats and actually do the first wve attacking, and continue until we feel they are needed to fight. We keep excess split. 1 thrall/pet has the extra jars (heaviest), and the enc person carries only dragon powder and tar For the other 200+ bombs. Then they will drop as needed to the attackers. It is a safe way to avoid the enemy from getting all the bombs in one scoop. Just saying. If we have 4 people, then the tar gets split to them instead of the enc.

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That makes a lot of sense, much safer and doesn’t cost anything of your combat power. Solid advice, thank you.

Does that mean that wooden signs, braziers and such are classified as building pieces instead of placeables?

I’m not arguing for stacking bombs, I’m just curious about how the game works under the hood.

no. they are placeables and share the same parent blueprint.


Okay, I think I got it: both bombs and signs are placeables, but bombs don’t have the stack-and-use-one feature, whereas signs do. Thanks for clarifying :slight_smile: