We want to stack bombs

I do not think you should be able to stack bombs, nope , fine how it is for me. Just be the next thing to be abused and then a call to nerf it will come , so hey leave it as is to start with.

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Again you all have valid points but they should still be stackable based on the fact that they are placebles and to be and consistent we should be able to stack them

Oh, come on :smiley:

There are plenty of placeables that are not stackable. Here, a few examples: Animal Pen, Vault, Pleasure Place of Derketo.

I suspect the real reason you want to stack them is so that you can stockpile a larger number in fewer storage containers :wink:

EDIT: The non-stackable examples used to include the Throne of Skelos. After @LostInTim pointed out that it’s indeed stackable, I removed it.

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and the next step is: make them lighter because we can’t move with 2000 explosive jars in the inventory

no, just no


“bombs were a mistake”
-joel bylos

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I stand corrected. Spawning a “full stack” of Throne of Skelos using admin panel gives you only 1, but if you do it several times, they’ll still stack. I double-checked the others I mentioned and they aren’t stackable.

Thanks for the correction! :slight_smile:

No problem, wouldn’t have actually known that if I hadn’t been trying to get that rogue foundation out of my wall. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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