Player interactive thrall vendors/villages and trade routes

Add a building type to feat like a stock room or warehouse/barn can store like a chest when you click on the building but able to build it to your liking in looks.

basically player farms resources in his area, then dumps items into the building built. Then you are given a option to set price and distination.(which will create a animation of a pack wagon and head to that destination.

DISTINATION: Is where you place your thrall NPC vendor in world…so list of them will show up in your home town you create with vendors of each set there thralls up…then players living all over maps…basically farm resources in there area…take it to there barn click it, drop it in and select where the vendor npc thrall they set up in distant city for it to travel and stock that vendor NPC…this will create visual trade and also be viable to be pillage in raid…so assigning thralls to protect your trade wagon may be needed as well.

so basically this is winter frost we have build up north.

What our clan has notice is that ones living all over in other areas to the south and east and west would receive coin from winter frost they sent goods using this method.

One could also setup vendor living in that village and put buy price and sell price if choose, then others building a building in there area would see that npc on a list when clicking barn and price given for it… time for pack wagon would depending on distance of travel along with payment delay and reception of goods.

Well there my suggestion. we like have south north east and west clan settlement that could trade with each other in this fashion.

To me it would bring world alive and introduce coin currency transaction with player to player and player to NPC if wanted set up bit AI to it as well.

You could also choose keep it trade goods for goods keep it more midevil and still use this system.

Sure some rules and more indepth regulations would needed to bring this to reality that is not for seen in non close friends servers. But to us it would make say farming ice up north, then sending it to south township and asking for say crystal in trade…item ship and be on vendor there…and at some point someone would farm and trade it and npc AI would take over.

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First thing that’d probably happen is you get large clans being dicks and setting up this sort of thing near specific spawn areas. Or they continually harvest out certain areas. Hanuman’s comes to mind, being the main source of crystal. So an Alpha Clan parks nearby and takes all the crystal for themselves, and forces others to buy it if they want any.

Second, they’ll come through and kill your thrall vendor and there you go having to replace him.

Third, the server probably can’t handle dozens of these pack wagons and dozens of extra guard thralls to protect said wagons, all roaming about in the world.

It’d amount to a lot of extra processing to deal with the thralls, whether they are attacked by enemy NPCs or monsters.

There would also be the fact of considering there aren’t a lot of safe routes you could plot out for this to take place. And any that were would quickly be located, and alpha clans would then build to block them off and stop your route.

In short, this is a really good idea to encourage people to act like jerks in the game.

Yeah, but we play with 37 friends and family, and it would be amazing. As for hostile though, could generate random if wagon attacked, also on players attacking wagon, could have option for not able or able, so if your playing with people I am assuming most are that are faced with jerks, you would basically turn off being able to attack wagon or set modifier of 5% chance rolled when wagon goes out that it is open to be attacked.

There is many ways, but the emersion of this would be amazing, we are able to create our settlements but there is no mechanism in game to create vendors for the town, nor trade with out towns using AI.

Btw this is just mainly brain storming, discussion and just being creative thinking. Never know that dev reads this and sharing ideals turns into more.

So key notes I like to leave we are interested in. We would like to create a market value to locations built in one of our game play servers. So creating a AI and allowing a bidding for auction or pricing on locations created would be optimal with desired permissions expanded on.

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since griefer do their thing anyway, i don’t think such a system would be gamechanging, a foundation wall is always cheaper^^

But i think Crysis is right about the hardware issue.

Personaly i love your idea, great for roleplay and PVE server’s aswell, and could find it’s use on pvp server, tho i feel that traderoad are a bit much.
Maybe make the traderoad npc only and between major city aera ?

Let’s say between Sepermeru & Bucaneer Bay or Mount of the dead & Azagarth ? The merchant and his guard travel, any player can sell anything on NPC cost and anyone can then buy this for gold or silver.
Paired with a home-merchant, where price can be tweak by the clan himself et voila^^

this is likely the best we could have… put a caravan station at each city and allow players to buy and sell goods their to and from NPCs… a game driven, not player driven, system would have the least impact on the game.

Now that makes a lot more sense.

Pick a few routes. But forget the wagon or the like. Make it NPCs only.

Between 1-3 Bearers to transport the goods. A number of fighters and archers based on how many bearers you have.

1 Bearer - 3 fighter/archer thralls
2 Bearers - 4 fighter/archers
3 Bearers - 5 fighter/archers

Have them walk a set path. With a chance of spawning every day, maybe. So it’s not 100% guaranteed.

The lowbie area routes like this could have lesser materials, while the more difficult areas in the north could have richer ones.

I like that. I do think NPC confound setting for mechanism would be most optimal also. Bearers is a great ideal for the transport diffently.

I would like to see though for private servers a lot customization giving choice for players build there own style of server.

That’s not bad, A system one can capitalize to some small time extent, not drastic, but where you could send out for provisioning threw AI. Like up north and to the west by sep, there is heavy hide, and to middle to south side gossmier as a example. More isolated resources in only key area’s added in mix of crafting and survival with I need to trade would be great.

I was thinking instead of allowing barn/hub building as I and another mention in thread on how handle, I think if clan is 10+ as example and all building within a settlement to uniform a village, that the mechanics would allow you to then create vendor and a depot, to place items into and make a trade for it that say sep and buc could see and any other village developing to enough to create a sized settlement.

Discussing it in more detail over last couple days, a game driven diffently would be a key way to go. Never thought about tying it into a cross to Sepermeru & Bucaneer Bay, but its this kind of openly throwing it out there on this forum, that makes it great to see different angles.


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