Please add an obelisk at chaosmouth



it is a solo play for me i never ever logged in multiplayer i can’t stand people so for me it’s a single player game
same as elderscroll but smaller and without any decent story but a very nice building system, not everyone play multiplayer stop trying to impose your way of playing to others


You can use admin panel, in soloplayer, to go wherever you want already. No need for obelisks.


true that but while it make it easy it’s also totaly immersion breaking


Because when you do it 100+ times it gets VERY tedious. When I have to log out, it takes my forever to have to run back to my base (not near an obelisk). Sure, I could move closer to an obelisk, but I chose to build at priest king’s retreat and the obelisks are evenly spaced throughout the map except for THAT area.

You must have a base close to an obelisk and like the OP said - don’t use it if you do’t want to. I support this suggestion.

P.S. I timed it and it takes 3 minutes to run from unnamed city to the top of priest kings - which becomes a tedious run over time.


As I said, the 2-3 minute run is that rough on you?

My main base, in my current playthrough, is near New Asagarth. I’ve run the Bridge of Betrayal more times than I can count. I chose to build where I did, and you chose to build where you did. So there are downsides to our decisions, one being you have a 3 minute run and I have about a 2 minute run home.

But you don’t see me calling for an obelisk at say Devil’s Squat because of my decision of where to put my main base, let alone Chaosmouth…both would be much closer.

Sinkhole might be closer for you, unsure, since it’s pretty equidistant. You just wouldn’t have to run by the red dragon every time to get home, not that he has any chance at catching you anyway.

Meanwhile obelisks are NOT evenly spaced except for your chosen area. Look at the Sandswept Ruins area. The closest obelisk is by Dagon’s Eye.

And back again to the whole other point, why bother just asking for one arbitrary obelisk point because it would benefit you, when you can just ask for them to implement fast travel? The same adage holds true, if you don’t like it, just don’t use it.


Because it would even the space between obelisks - that’s the whole point.

The south river has no obelisks because that area is considered ‘low-level’

Even if I didn’t live at Priest King’s, which I don’t on another server, I would support this.

You have a terrible attitude against such a benign request.

no need to be a ****


Sandswept Ruins isn’t a low level area. Go there as a low level and watch the critters outside tear you apart. Meanwhile, it is literally out in the middle of nowhere, plus it’s just as integral to the actual storyline of the game as Chaosmouth.

Why do I have a bad attitude about this? Just because I don’t agree and mock the fact that people are complaining about a 2-3 minute run somewhere as a downside to where they chose to put their main base?

The OP picks an arbitrary point for an obelisk because it benefits him, you agree with the OP’s arbitrary point because it benefits you. So my question is why go with an arbitrary point that just benefits you, when you can just ask for fast travel that would benefit everyone?

And if people disagreed with it, they could just not use it since that’s the counter I got for saying no to more obelisks.


It’s not arbitrary, it’s evenly spaced and a logical place to put one if more were to be added.


It is arbitrary.

If you’re saying something a 2-3 minute walk is too far, then you should have an obelisk at Sandpit, Narrowneck Span, Heliograph Heights and Pitfall Pass as well.

Why make it so if you want to go to Sandswept Ruins it’s a trek? Again, as I said, that’s even further away from an obelisk than Chaosmouth and just as an important of a location for the storyline of the game.

Why make it so it takes 2-3 minutes to walk from the Sinkhole to the Black Galleon? The Black Galleon is a heavily used early to mid game location. Make it more accessible!

Why make Buccaneer Bay a roundabout walk to get there when you can just put an obelisk at Heliograph Heights?

I’m failing to see why my point is so hard to understand, so I give up after this post. As another poster stated, placing more obelisks just makes the game easy mode and stops people from having to gasp actually walk for a couple minutes to 95% of the map…Sandswept Ruins area being the exception.


If I don’t want it don’t use it? I play PvP with another obelisk there it would be a bigger pain for me and my clanmates. Even if don’t want it and don’t use it others will and between PvP and griefers on other modes it will be a great annoyance. So again your “don’t use it if you don’t want to” greatly effects me and others who don’t want it.


I’m sorry, but it’s not. Check the map I posted above, it’s a fairly central location compared to existing obelisks. I’m not saying we need a new obelisk at all, but if one were to be added, it makes sense there. I’m sure other candidates that make sense could be found too, but that’s beside the point.

Well I’m saying no such thing. But I guess some are.

It’s not “hard to understand”, people just disagree with you. Understanding someone’s point and agreeing with them are two different things.

I certainly agree with this. It’s a pretty lousy argument.


Just that a fast travle button will kill the game and is even a more bad ide then an extra obelisk.

And both if them will be abused and they will find wayes to exploit the game, spec in a pvp server.


From looking at the design of the Map Room, I think it’s unlikely that any more obelisks are ever going to be added. There’s only room for one more pylon, and that one will probably be used when a new biome eventually gets added to the world.


no new biome will get added they finished pet took them a year now it’s sorcery let’s say 1 more years by then the game will be totaly dead and dev will go in maintenance mode nothing new added also the map is currently full apparently the NW is hosting the dungeons even if, weirdly, they filled the land betwen the dungeons with designed land and ressources nodes

so they totaly could add 1 more obelisk on the current map room


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