Please Buff Summoned Demons

Golems come om at Max HP.
Zombies come in at Max level and HP - and you can have 3 with no special player perks.

Demons have to be leveled?
Demon DPS is erratic and low.
Demons have a timer.
Demons will turn on their owner.

Please consider the following changes:

  1. Start them at max level and HP.
  2. Given them some kind of fear/darkness/tar/gas/fire etc. AOE or
  3. Allow multiple simultaneous summons (2) without an authority perk.

What do you all think would be fair buffs that might make demons more viable?

Demons are actually quite effective pets. They level extremely fast and actually start and get quite strong, even without authority perks.

Their negatives are easy to work around, and they make for some excellent pet’s to use in extremely dangerous situations where losing more permanent pets would be a major loss. A demon dying to a boss is nothing to worry about.

This is a pet I do routinely use for all of the reasons listed.

Yes, but zombies only gain 33% of any follower damage bonus you might have whether it’s from authority or armor / consumables, and they have 0 armor

They gain a level after every single kill where the target had at least 75 hp.

That keeps on refreshing as you kill targets

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Are you saying that demons are a popular and often used companion?

I’ve cleared the wine cellar many times with zombies with 0 in authority. I don’t think I could achieve the same with a summoned demon.

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Not everything is meant for the same task.

If you’re planning (or expect) on engaging many weaker enemies a demon can be useful.

I’ve used him against the Undead Dragon (Warmaker’s version) in the past and it wrecks it pretty well. Most bosses have quite a few minions to get through so by the time you get to them the demon is max level and if it dies, well that’s one less problem later.

Even then when you’re done with it, just tell it to stay somewhere and leave it there. It will keel over on its own if it breaks control and you’re not in agro range.

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I’m pretty sure it’s a more useful companion than… pets…
And I’d rather see pets getting a buff way before demons, since they need it much more :stuck_out_tongue:

In my experience the demons do feel like the most difficult of the sorcery followers to get value out of, but that is mostly due to their short timer and the need to babysit them more so than other options. I actually think their damage is pretty good, but I’d like the timers on the abyssal summons to be extended. The hour of the armor feels like a good balance.

It could be because like a dark souls speed runner I am running past most enemies instead of engaging everything along my path, but the short timers make the abyssal summons a non favorable option to me when it comes to temporary power. They aren’t strong enough to make me want to slow down my play.

While I have run them a few times, I have hardly ever seen them be used by others. Demons seem to me to be the least utilized option, that is probably indicative of a lack of usefulness.

This made me think about something. I think I understand why I’m able to use demons in a way that feels like they have a decent value and others don’t.

You have play aggressively with them. This is something you pretty much won’t do with other followers because of the resource it takes to get them is Time. Time is the most valuable resource in Conan Exiles. The more time something takes to get, the more valuable it will be. And what I mean by that, the longer something takes to obtain or craft, either through rare materials or just crafting time or time taken to obtain, the more you’re likely to baby it.

With most followers, you don’t use them recklessly. Getting a T4 fighter can be a little bit tricky sometimes. If its a rare spawn than you really don’t want to lose them. Even if it isn’t, it still takes a while on the Wheel of Pain. Greater pets have a 1 in 4 to 1 in 3 chance (at best) to come out as a greater version. With both T4 thralls and Greater pets, you have to level them. Reperk them. And for thralls at least, equip them. There’s a ton of investment with that.

With a demon, you slit some throats, do a little ritual, and then get this thing that you don’t really care about. A few kills later, its maxed out. You also know by the end of the day it will either have its timer elapse, or die. In fact it dying in battle is preferable.

With that knowledge you can be aggressive.

But it can be hard for players to shake off the babying of their followers and when they play the way they normally do, there doesn’t really seem to be anything ‘special’ about the demon. It hits hard, but not as hard as a legendary equipped maxed out T4 Snowhunter/Berserker/RHTS, it is tough but not as tough as the aforementioned thrall set. But here’s the thing… if it was as tough and nasty, and did come out at level 20. What would be the point of such thralls as followers? And if they were permanent they would utterly replace all thralls for all functions except archers for sky defense.

But in my experience, they are tough enough and hit hard enough to use in some very extreme situations. They don’t stagger much, and their attacks are kind of random and wild which allows them to get the attention of a few things, even without taunts.

They let you go all out on things without feel of losing the follower, you just need to keep yourself alive and do not have to worry about micromanaging the demon like you would some other followers.

If you play with it like you do your followers you’ve spent around a 100 hours obtaining, equipping, and leveling… then yeah its going to seem lackluster. But if you treat it like the literal time bomb it is, its actually pretty good.


Dont think it would hurt to much to have to timer set to an hour.
I like them they work for me but 10 mins on a raid with nothing else about its more of a pain.

The timer resets on target death. I’ve gone at least 2 hours on a single demon. Though I can see this being an issue in a PVP sense, but not every feature has a PVP use. There’s entire classes of weapons and armor that suffer far worse than the demon follower. But then again there’s things that don’t do well in PVE that are fine in PVP as well. So I’m not really worried about that.

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You dont have to be worried about it, does a one hour timer affect you?
Would it be game breaking?

It would mean they are used more for pvp at least.
Not trying to be argumentative i just wonder why not?

Yeah, I’d be dropping many other potential followers for it. The demon is meant as an option, not a replacement.

Well you still have an option with a one hour timer as well?
I mean its still going to die

It’s actually only ten minutes, and again refills fully on each kill. Summon right as you’re about to go out for a fight, and fight. It will fight with you until it’s over, or it dies fighting.

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Not sure your on the same page.
Yes i know it refills

But you got to attack a players base, nothing spawns about it but their thralls. Unless you want to climb all the way out of the big ones and try to find something with enough health to charge it back up.

Quite often it takes longer than 10 mins in between trying to take out building pieces.
Especially when they are out and everyone is fighting.
You dont get the kill it doesnt refill

So it being 1 hour timer rather than 10 mins, would that make so much difference?

So it sounds like you want it more pvp-centric because the earth revolves around pvp. Of course, as expected.

Maybe to you.

Im just asking if a 1 hour timer would make that much difference to anyone else, which would allow me and others like me to enjoy it as well.

It’d make it linger around too long after it’s served it’s purpose. An hour after you’re done fighting and it’s either going to be abandoned in the middle of nowhere, or you forget they turn and it goes hostile randomly in the middle of your base.

So set it to guard somewhere , which you should be doing anyway.
And its going to be abandoned anyway.
Other than that, not much difference?

Meanwhile a one hour timer allows quite a few other people to have it as an option