Please concentrate on fixing the game

Won’t be a popular post but at this stage I don’t care. I and many others have thousands of hours in this game. I’ve been here since day one of console release and have had to walk away a few times but with each patch I come back hoping for the game to finally be in a stable, good for both pvp and pve state. This game is the only game I have experienced where EVERY single patch is atrocious, causes more issues than it fixes and is normally “optimised” straight out of existence with the next patch. There are bugs that have been here since day one with absolutely nothing done to even try to fix them. People are still in the mesh. Red Mother is still pushing my thrall into the ground. Abyssal Remnant is still broken. Trying to find “balance” for the game years after release is ridiculous. Stop messing about with the basics of the game, stop releasing even more dlc for an already massively unoptimised game. Stop wasting time on nerfs that hardly anyone is asking for. Just fix what you already have!! I for one am not spending another dime on this game until it’s vastly improved, the patches are thoroughly tested prior to release and not game breaking messes, and mostly until you have the core mechanics and basic setup of the main game FINALLY where the hell you want them and they are not going to change. I would encourage others to do the same. Make funcom spend you’re money better than they have thus far.


I think after 2 years watching what funcom does, i realize they are just bad in what they are doing. Some of their programmers may have to be replaced.
Microsoft will take the game out soon i hope. All of my friends reported the game allready via the report-function in the xbl store.

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