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I get this message today. Last time i get banned because one player report me for excesive buildings. Now im playing in a normal base and i get the message again? it is because a new report on me or because news on funcom rules posted today? how can i know?

Everyone is probably seeing it on Official Servers. I saw it when logging in the official servers as a message of the day.



I was pretty concerned about it as well. Glad to know it is not about me!
By the way, the last point is SO subjective:

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“Massive” should not be allowed on any rules, unless it is specified what is meant by it.
But well, I have seen buildings 10 times bigger than mine, so I hopefully have nothing to worry about :slight_smile: .


This is excellent news, moving in the right direction to educate all players! Now they need to add a static link in game or at the very least on the launcher.

Then expand on clarification.

Possibly add a warning system.


Warning system that gives a few days for correction of the issue would be great.


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