Please rework the following Thrall combat logic

They are just so dumb. You have a fighter thrall following, and he stands there until I strike the target attacking me? That doesn’t make sense. Let’s have a panel to adjust the ‘stance’ or ‘posture’ of following thralls (i.e., passive, aggressive, protective). Like many things in this game, the thrall logic feels unfinished and clunky.

+1, they are much more of a hindrance then a help in the current state. I find they get in the way more often than not. I’d rather they just stay back and carry my stuff.

Agreed, I had a thrall behind me. They teleport if you get too far, and if they do… they fall from high places and die or step into lava for no apparent reason. Besides you should be able to make 2 thralls protect you. 1 seems like it is not even vvorth the hustle.