Pointless Items, Failed Concepts and more. Thoughts/Opinions. [Not a Rant]


Hey community, so I’ve been puting some thought into this post and please don’t think that this is a “rant” not at all. I’ve played this game since day one of early access, I know it’s not perfect, it has a history of buggy patches and arguably broken new content from time to time. However, it’s also true that funcom still delivers new content, they have kept their dlc library free of the nefarious “pay to win” concept, it has take them an eternity but they are very slowly fulfilling some of the very old promises (I still remember that blog update during early access telling us about the purge and mounted combat with silhouettes of riders in the back). They are doing it and they got my undying respect.

So with that in mind I would like to share some thoughts into what I think are Items/Concepts that don’t really make much sense in the game today, not for pvp or pve.

Unique Shrine/Temple Items

There are some items that can be crafted at altars and have become pretty much irrelevant overtime, like Purified Flesh, Black Ice, Honey, and such. Nothing stops a player from jumping into the ice temple or their favorite blackice farming spot with some basic cold gear, a regular torch and farm for hours vs investing a ton of time upgrading ymir shrine, investing t3 materials and all of that to get blackice as a final tier item that you can craft at an overpriced building. Same with a single unit of honey produced at a T3 altar vs Beehives that can produce 1k honey, Yog's Purified Flesh vs the 200+1 consumables from the many cooking recipes that are now part of the game and well many other craftables. For me these require some major balancing/re-inventing. You guys have introduced some great and amazing items/concepts to the game like legendary repair kits, oils, Poisons, etc how about including that into t3 shrines? make these relevant again. Give players something practical to use. Maybe enchant weapons at an extremly higher cost 300 tokens, shrines could bestow something like venom infused enchatments for Set, Corruption for Yog, Anticorruption or healing for Mitra (maybe on shields), Cold infused for Ymir and so on. There must be like a 100 better ideas on the suggestion sub-category but that's not the point of this post. I see you guys talking about the concept of "revisiting" certain places (dungeons, starting areas) and this is great, shrines would be another great window for that. Rp enough to get pve players interested and if you make it practical it would be good for pvp aswell.


In a way this is tied with the first one, I'm sure that since you have those disabled there is some major balancing in the way. Personaly I'm in favor of bringing the old Avatars, I remember when I saw the first promotional video online about this game and the sight of the huge snake or titan was something that should translate into one thought "the power to destroy". I'll trust you on this one, I really hope you got something in the works here.

Nerfed Legendary Weapons

It's been something close to 3 moths since Lifeblood Spear/Crom Sword were nerfed. I've been sorta away from the game for a while, I guess you did this because someone was using exploits. I hope it wasn't for "balancing" purposes only or because some small but very loud crowd kept saying "Using that weapon is not fair". Those weapons were hard to get, after reading for some time about it online it looks like it brought a lot of anger to players and I guess rightfully so, specially the sword of crom, considering it's drop rate. I guess what I'm saying is if it's causing so much problems with exploits then just re-invent the weapon but provide something useful for players. I'm sorta ok with thralls not beign able to use the spear or sword, an army of 9k hp thralls armed with these would take a while to defeat but it is also true that we don't like when you just take away stuff that was hard to obtain, it defeats the purpose of investing time into a game.

Cursed Weapons

Sorry, I fail to see any practical advantages on both pve or pvp. You guys keep introducing cool weapons that no one in their right mind is gonna use. Some dev said online something along the lines of " pretty things demand a cost" well ok I agree but who's gonna use that? No good pvp build circles around a single weapon, or at least it shouldn't in my mind. Personally I don't have any problems with the weapons I use, non of them are cursed items, they are sorta cheap to craft and if needed can be replaced very easily. I see every fight as a street fight so it's best to rely on pvp skills and not so much in buffs or items for every fight. But if I were to want to use the best 2 handed sword or hammer in terms of damage and I know these items are in the game and they demand certain level of commitment (considering their drop rate) then yeah sure I would be annoyed at this concept. Let me put a simple scenario here, If someone's using Carnage and another target is using Teliths Sorrow, I would immediately go after the one using Carnage; he either has less hp, damage or stamina to fight against me, why would I go after the player who is most likely using a regular pvp build instead of going after the one who is obviously not. Of course there are other weapons a player could use to obtain the same results in terms of damage (Teliths Sorrow, Blade of Adventurer, Ranissan, etc) but it's the fact that you are bringing this nice, cool new toys to the table but you are saying "no you cannot use them and if you wanna use them then you are cursed and btw it costs time/luck to get them" I'm not a fan of that, make them usable at a cost but at a cost that represent a viable option or make them usable for thralls (well that's another big debate I know). Otherwise these new cool but useless weapons are nothing but nice wall decorations which is kinda lame imo.

Final Thoughts

What do you guys think? Were you aware of these changes? Are you ok with just pushing new content without addressing these issues? Do you feel rewarded knowing those rare drops are useless or don’t really represent a viable pvp or pve option for you or your thrall? Again, these are questions that have been in my mind now I’ve come back to the game and please understand that it is not my intention to put a dark cloud above conan, my wish is that this game becomes better over time but the only way to do it is by solving these and I’m sure many more issues in the game like Purges, Thrall’s AI, exploits, etc.


game has plenty of pointless items, like thrall blacksmiths that are good making flawless iron weapons, like yeah, cool, but not cool at all why would anyone use that at the point where you can capture a t4 thrall?
Or pirate armor, every faction has a unique looking set with stats, except the pirates, the armor looks cool but it’s pretty much pointless.
With dlc armors, beverages for different climates are pretty much pointless, those armors have a lot of climate resistance.
Thrall pots, why are they still there? would be nice that you could equip a cook in those pots and that cook would feed a certain amount of thralls in the area, instead of you having to make food for thralls every day…

to be honest, at least for the pve or pve-c servers there should be more survival need, or that’s how i see it.

Most of your problems sum up on thing: Balancing :smiley:

Some religious weapon were good once, but then nerfed…
Same with the claws (their nerf was even based on other claws…)

The corrupted/cursed weapon would have a usage, if the dmg would be higher than normal items. But they arent :smiley: That is what makes them utter useless (again - balancing). And also thralls cannot use them…

PS.: Either here or on reddit, a whole clan didnt know about black ice in frost temple… They build a base with the usage of an altar (converting ice to black ice!)!!
PPS.: Sword of crom nerf was reverted, lifeblood spear is still meaningless - same with the corrupted weapons.

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