Poll: Age of War Chapter 4's new UI... yay or nay

How do you like the new UI?

  • I like the new UI.
  • I hate the new UI.
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I like the new thrall management interface. I would also like to welcome the addition of new slots to chests. These are the advantages of the new interface.
The downside is that it slows down when using it, which is very noticeable on some mod workbenches. There, the game freezes for up to tens of seconds.
Therefore, I cannot choose clearly: yes or no.

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What if you’re indifferent?

I mean I always sort by weight.
I’ve always dragNdroppd to split a stack.
I like the stack transfer.

I hate losing the right mouse to use item.
I can see where losing custom splitting is a PITA

And my heart stops for a second when I double click an item to move to a chest and it vanishes from my pack but… wait for it… finally pops in the chest.

I don’t understand why they changed what buttons on the controller do in these menus. I went to start my furnace and it dumped all my items into it. I didn’t want to start smelting my coins and I didn’t want a bunch of junk in there. So frustrating. I kept doing it on accident. I’d be one thing if they just changed ‘start furnace’ to another button, but they didn’t. I have to awkwardly navigate with my controller to that ‘play’ button to start.

It’d be cool if they had just changed the functionality of the buttons instead of removing it altogether.

I like the sleeker look. I hate the loss of custom sorting. A few nice, minor changes and a few massive awful changes.

No good.

I like the new UI, but I would like to have standard functions like splitting, using objects with the right mouse button, etc. back. Otherwise, the inventory now seems much more organized thanks to the many filters, which I think is a positive change.

I can’t vote one way or another till the hotfix. Right now I don’t love or hate it, but get frustrated by lack of functionality with the splitting which will be fixed soon. Will have to wait to see what that fix looks like.

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