Poll over purchasing items in battle pass individually

Here is a poll to determine what price people would pay for individual items of the battle pass if they were put on sale. Assume the battle pass will be $10 USD.

  • I’m not paying for anything individually. Give me DLC’s.
  • $1 is the top I will pay for individual items
  • $5 is the top I will pay for individual items
  • $10 is the top I will pay for individual items and they better be cool.

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This is very very difficult.
How awesome can a single item be?
Is this an account bound ability to create something repeatedly? Is it character bound but mass producible? Is it a single item that can be placed and then destroyed by a glitch or bomb?
This one’s answer changes based on these factors.

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It’s just how high are you willing to pay for an item.

For instance, the Atlantean Sword or the royal armoer that I have been wanting? Top is $5 for each.

The move to individual item sales is just a tactic to get people to spend far more than the normal $10 per DLC.

Here is a rough guess:

48 building pieces for a new set - Some will be in Battle Pass, the rest will be in a $10 bundle.
15 new armor pieces, in three sets - Each set will cost $5
12 weapons - 3 will be in Battle Pass, 9 will be $1 each.
32 new placeables - 10 will be in Battle Pass, 22 will be $1 each.
3 new saddles - 1 in the Battle Pass, 2 for $2 each.

Battle Pass = $10
Total cost for one DLC worth of content = $70


Should have had more options. Guild Wars 2 its normal for people to pay $20.00 + for a single mount “skin.” And its hardly the only game to have those types of options (Guild Wars 2 is a mix of Buy to Play and Free to Play, for clarification). Not saying that I personally would pay that much, though I might at the same time. Its at the end of the day, very subjective.

The point being, the poll choices suggests you let your own bias reflect what is permissible, when you should let the audience dictate it (I’m sure it wasn’t intentional). Since its after all a poll. Guild Wars 2 players would certainly answer differently.


Conan Exiles is temporary. The decay system, destructible buildings, stability bugs, meteor, purge. In 20+ years I have never had a MMO like Guild Wars utterly destroy and decimate my characters, items, experience.

Conan Exiles has done it dozens and dozens of times to me. There is no way in hell I would pay $20.00 for a SINGLE item, on top of paying for a Battle Pass. An item that can be made worthless the moment my base is destroyed and I decide to take a 3 + month break out of frustration.

Their monetization scheme had best be a simple Battle Pass fee. Then a “grind to unlock” requirement that is available, endlessly, for as long as the player is actively paying for a Battle Pass.

This encourages Conan Exiles to keep making new Battle Passes, it encourages players to keep grinding, and it encourages players to keep paying for the current Battle Pass.

There do not need to be micro transactions that piss people off, that’s why FOMO has a bad reputation. It gets greedy and the game turns into a advertisement for itself rather than an actual game.

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From my watching of the video most items can be used as long as you play the game even with new character
Some skins you earn in game a one time shot. I do need to watch again.

It depends on the items?

I expect outfits to be 5-10$
Weapon skins 2-3$…
Build pieces? few bucks?
Build set? Full Culture pack? 15$
Banner? 2-3$

Thou… most games prove value of fake items to be 10-15$ at times… 40-60 Mounts.
Black Panther Mount, BAM 70$… and people pay it -_-’

I remember when I 1st started ESO. Saw 800 point wolf Mount. 400-500 point outfits.
I was so happy.
then lootboxes dropped, and mount price started going up to 1500…2000…4500. XD

I’m willing pay fair value of item. Of ones I want anyway.

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That’s fine. My point was more about providing a wider option of poll selections, not to suggest that everybody should be okay with spending “x” amount of dollars.

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I figure that most folks want to keep things economical and that is why i have low balled this but put in there the assumption of $10 BP price. My main point over the poll is to show the economics of it.

I would assume the battle passes are probably going to be 10-15 dollars. So long as they have the equivalent of a DLC’s worth of stuff I will gladly buy them. In the stream they showed 2 pages of a 10 page battle pass (they said 60 items and its 6 per page shown) and it looked like there was:

  • 1 armor skin
  • 1 pet skin
  • 1 head armor piece skin
  • 1 emote
  • 240 Crom Coins
  • 3 placeable items
  • 3 tiers of core game updates building pieces (would be multiple pieces per tier)
  • 5 consumable thingies
  • wall paint

So that right there making up 20% of the battle pass seems like its worth the money for a battle pass, so long as the stuff later on is the same or better than the stuff shown. Plus they mentioned you should get enough Crom coins to buy a whole other battle pass, which as long as the battle passes are consistently the same price means a regular player should be able to purchase the first battle pass and every battle pass released after that is free if you saved those coins and don’t spend them in the store, unless they block that somehow. So to me, outside of the battle passes not being permanent and going away after 90 days, the pass seems like it will be a good deal.

On the other hand, the store I feel like is going to be way overpriced. Obviously the screens shown were examples but if we do some math and see that Crom coins were 120 in each set of the battle pass that means you’d get 1,200 by the end. Disclaimer: they have not given any actual dollar value prices on anything but my assumption based on other games is 100 crom coins = $1 USD so some of the stuff they showed, a table set with chair, table and some fancy food was $11 which is pretty outrageous. Also single items being 2-3 dollars. Realistically if those were part of a DLC they would all equate to <$1 each.

While I understand they need to make money I feel like compared to the DLCs the store is definitely going to be a sore spot. I just hope that they don’t go the way of GW2 and start throwing EVERY new and cool cosmetic on the store front and neglecting putting stuff in the actual game.

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I’m not a fan of the item shop at all but I don’t think you will be buying “items” that can be lost when you are wiped in PvP. I’m expecting something more along the lines of buying the recipe to craft said item in the same way that the DLC works now. In the same way that I can craft Pictish Warchief armor on any character I create, I’m expecting to be able to buy similar content that unlocks the recipe on my Funcom account for any character.

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if prices go regionalized i would pay more, but in dollars it will cost me 5x more, so 10 buck in one item will kill my fun.

I don’t expect that you can “lose” said item. I just mean that, spending $20 dollars to have a fancy mount in WoW, or GW, or (any other MMO) means that the next day, the next week, the next year, you can log in daily, weekly, or monthly and at any moment fully enjoy your gameplay experience.

The point I was trying to convey, is that spending the same $20 dollars in Conan Exiles, you are likely to eventually have your entire base destroyed by some event. Your fault, or not, and as a result logging into the game with your fancy mount will make a lot less sense at that time.

In one situation the money feels more well spent during your free time. In another, the money seems to sting a little.

Again, just a small, but growing problem as time goes on.

I understand the concern but the way I’m imagining things happening is not unlike the DLC. You will buy a feat that goes into the knowledge tab allowing you to be able to craft said item (or horse). In the case of being wiped and losing everything, your scenario should theoretically be no different from any other DLC pet or horse skin, you will still have to train the pet/horse and then craft the skin (like totemic gruel etc) and use the horse/pet with the food to create the new item.

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All I’ve got to say is with this battle pass and ingame shop people will spend $$$ all day on it.

Better see updates and patches rolling out faster than ever. I don’t wanna see the same bugs lingering around for months on end sh*t needs to be hot fixed instantly.

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IIRC, in FO76 we discovered that you could buy a real world baseball hat for less than the skin of the items in their greed shop.

Totally agree on that dining set. Better be more that that. The ancient arms, seemed reasonable though.