Possible bug with early Destiny quests

I seem to have a bug starting a new character. Nadini directs me to Belessa for ‘The Awakening’ but there’s no dialog option to talk to her, and no waypoint directing me to her.

I levelled up to 11, so is that a known bug that can affect the quest? If I don’t do this thread I’ll never be able to do the later Destiny quests either :frowning:

Does anyone know a fix?

Should be a option to bypass the quest. Make sure you are in night single player mode.

It’s not a known bug no. I just ran a ToS through last month and didn’t have any problems getting any of the destiny quests from Belessa.

I couldn’t shift the bug even after repairing so I restarted.

For whatever reason, 99% of my issues seem to happen in Tortage