Post PDKP nerf choices

Hi everyone,
I’ve been a crybaby about this nerf and have probably bugged too many people about what option could be the new best option, so I decided to make a thread and hopefully gather some valuable insights.

Let’s not dwell on how bad an idea it was to slap the PvMers across the face and focus on options.

I use it dualed on my doc and trader, and in off hand on my crat/eng.

I think I’ll swap for an LRKP in off hand for all of them and keep pistol for eng/crat and pdkp for doc/trad in main hand.

What are your thoughts/suggestions ?

Hey mate.

Few months late, but here it is.

The alternatives that seem to have emerged for the PDKP are various depending on profession and whether you’re willing to reperk/re-IP or not.

These include the:

Illegally Modified Dreadloch Obliterator.
Envoy to Chaos.
Raid X9.

Most (tho not all) engineers and traders seemed to have swapped to the IMDO. While adamant pistol users have went with the Envoy.

Soldiers, Traders and some Engineers seemed to have picked up the Raid pistol, assuming they can meet the crit requirements.

Alezander, you seem to have a pretty good grip on things in their current state: can you explain to me why an engi would opt for Engy pistol + Envoy over Engy pistol + Dust brigade engi pistol? Isn’t the dmg output lower?

I’m one of the many engis who ran with engi pistol and PDKP and want to re-IP but can’t for the life of me decide between pistols or grenade. The IMDO seems nice, but is it really all that?

Cheers :slight_smile:

Because of the damage proc on Envoy+Fling shot, which is missing from the BD2 Engi pistol.

The damage output is actually comparable, with Envoy pulling ahead slightly.

So, the thing about IMDO is that it’s extremely IP efficient. You get Fling Shot and Burst, high crits for very little IP as you’d save all the IP you’d normally have to sink into MR, Shotgun etc.

Again, the damage output is similar, with PDKP probably pulling ahead somewhat, but IMDO frees up IP.

Hell, if you want you can probably IP both Pistols and Grenade, and with a simple perk reset swap between IMDO/Engi pistol+Envoy if you want.

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Ah right, FS and the proc is what I overlooked on the Envoy.

Thanks for taking the time to return to me :slight_smile:

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