Potential Buyer on the Fence

I’ve been following the game for a while, obviously is August 2018 and I am interested in investing. However i have a couple questions that i hope consumers can answer. Is there any real story to the this game, or is it use your imagination style RPG ? Can the game be enjoyed as a single player ? As I am a mostly single player type of gamer. Any thoughts, suggestions, or response would be appreciated and thank you all again.

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Thank you very much for your responses friend.


There is a real story to this game. You can do said story but it ends rather anticlimatically.

The game can be enjoyed as a solo player but games of this type are pretty much always better if you have a friend or someone by your side as you go along.

Everything can be done as a solo player, but the grind then takes longer as you’re the one getting everything. Fighting bosses can be done, but they’re a longer process.

So you can choose to follow the story, complete the story and finish the game or just play it as open sandbox use your imagination.


I only play on official PVP servers ATM, no time for rp. But you should consider finding a good private server to play on, even an rp server. If you wanted to play mostly solo, you could do a hermit or something. Conan is more fun when you add the dynamics other players bring. We have a few solo players of our official PVP server 1578. You’re welcome to try it out.


What kind of “fence” are we talking about, here? T1 sandstone fence? Or T3 spiked fence with anti-climb? :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:


There are several dungeons, and also nice recipies to be found in some of the harder spots, most are soloable.
I do feel the game is driven mostly by you, but the enviroment really pull you in, so the story is mainly your own, and your experiences will not be the same for any of your characters because the journey has many many alternatice routes.
I enjoy playing alone a lot, but i have several chars and can therefore log on to the server i am in the mood for playing at that time.
There is something about managing the harsh enviroment alone, build your cottage and soon a castle with guards and craftsmen helping your progress.

If you start a singleplayer game friends may join you in co op easy via steam, just make sure tethering distance is at full.
Building with friends are great fun, and push the experience to the next level.
As there can be buildt near anything, your imagination and materials is the only limit.

Damn, i still remember going to the north first time, setting up a small hunting lodge, heated by a couldron while building in the rain all alone.
Scary beasts and harsh weather, was great.
Up in the snow someone even left a insulated cottage open so that trekkers like me could get some much needed rest and heat by the fire.

So, in regards of story, the world is out there, just play the game, look up the recipies and wear the right clothes for the enviroment you are in and you will see a story develop while you play.

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Do yourself a favor and don’t buy it the story is good the building is ok the combat is great WHEN IT WORKS.

Right now Funcom runs Conan Exiles on servers ran by G-portal and they are terrible, Bugged NPC’s and desync issues enemies just stand there until you hit them.

If you can get it at a heavily discounted price go for it, but ATM server issues are destroying the fun.

20ms connection to a local Gportal server and it acts like I’m connecting overseas from Australia.

Dont listen to him. There are other servers out there than officials.
Its worht the buy.


The game is a good game, i have played both single player and on a PVE server. The game at this time is really buggy but they are fixing things fairly fast. The new DLC they just put out has bugs with the armor, and the whole game seems to be a complete cluster F#$#. I would advise against purchasing at this time and wait until they get the bugs under control. It has the potential to be a great game, but also the potential to be a mini transaction type game where they are only interested in making a quick buck, with quickly adding useless DLC content and no real meat. I just can not say at this time where the game will end up, I have shelved it for now.

Red Sonja


i’d say TI with sandstone.


There are bugs. That being said I love this game. If you want to have some fun and base your decision purely on entertainment value for the price, you cant go wrong.


Stay on the fence for at least another year you won’t miss much- promise.

probably get it for $2.99 USD then also on sale.

Do not bother with barbarian edition you get nothing in the CE game by paying for it. They even have challenges delivering that T-shirt.


Depending on the kind of person you are you could hate the game or you could love it…I am a logical,understanding and tolerant person. I love the game,got more than my money’s worth. Does it have bugs? Oh yea.Game breaking? Not for me.I have almost 3000 hours and still enjoy playing ,been playing since day 1 of ea. If you are expecting a bug free and easy (at first,gets easier the more you play) game CE might not be for you.If you nerd rage easy and quit fast, CE might not be for you .Hopefully you buy it and enjoy it!

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This. I just got back into WoW recently, but dropped it again for CE. Putting another 200 hours into the game lol. Can’t get away from CE.

@Devin901 if you decide to get the game, skip the official servers entirely and play only on the player hosted ones. They’ll more than likely have better hardware, moderated gameplay (actively bans cheaters/exploiters), and change settings from default to ensure the bugs that are present in the game are mitigated.

Official was only intended for players to have a place to play in case we couldn’t handle the volume of players that came into the game. This turned out not to be true. Now official is just a unregulated wasteland of bitterness and who can out exploit who.

If you do choose a player hosted server you will need to check the settings on the right hand side when you choose servers to ensure the settings are about what you want. Some servers set harvesting or exp rates too high. I personally prefer 1x, but the majority tend to like something around 2x.

You’ll see a ton of bitterness about the game, but understand that is a vocal minority who either are ignorant of how to mitigate bugs, or are too stubborn too, or in some rare cases just have the unfortunate chance of seeing bugs the rest of us just don’t see everyday.

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there is also admin abuse that its more common than most people would admit.

yes there is issues with the griefers in officials, but also , no admin cheating…


Nearly 100% of officials will have cheating and exploiting on them.

Admin cheating on player ran servers is low, low enough I haven’t seen it across half a dozen well populated servers. Sure you’re likely to see it on a 2/10 populated server. But very unlikely on one of the 40+/70 ones.

Oh and they can handle more than 40. Without a server Frame drop. Official tanks after reaching 25. So there’s that too.

@Taemien - I do not share your experience on the official servers. I would not say “nearly 100%” of the officials have cheating and exploiting. With the most recent 500 things patch, Funcom has addressed some of the most game breaking exploits (namely: mesh bases).

I have not played on 100% of the official servers. But I have hoped around from PvP server to PvP server quite a few times. With regard to cheating and exploits, I feel that the game is in a pretty decent place. The server I currently play on does not harbor any cheaters or exploiters as you suggest.

You sound pretty pre-disposed against the official servers. The g-portal hosting service is less than ideal. However, the gaming experience on the official servers can be a very fulfilling and entertaining one. Ultimately - it’s different strokes for different folks. The private servers scratch the itch for some. The official servers scratch the itch for others. I believe this is purely a decision on personal preference.

As for the OP, I say buy. I have enjoyed many of hours in this game. It has its bugs, for sure. And sometimes my confidence in Funcom’s ability/motivation to address said bugs promptly wanes. But the combat system truly is inspired, and first rate. I would say that one of the most interesting things about the game is the variety of weapons and the functioning of those weapons.

I purchased the game during early access, and if I recall correctly, I got it on a bargain. I enjoy the game so much that I am considering sinking some more money in to the DLC just to tell the folks at Funcom “hey, good job!”


The real game is on official servers with its vanilla settings anything else for settings is not playing the game as it is intended.

They should split this funcom board between private server players discussions and official server discussions, plus xbox D boards as well.

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Dude read the forums, why even consider buying in its current horrendously bugged state.


It is a sandbox; there is no ‘intended’ way, only the way you enjoy to play it

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