Pre-patch vandemecum

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  1. don’t trust tech support, it doesn’t exist it’s a hoax in the world there is only marketing
  2. you have 200 sloot use them all
  3. respec full load
  4. take from the benches every thrall that could be useful in case of nuclear attack, blacksmit, armored, tanner, cooks, smelters, Carpenters, Priest…
  5. if you were smart and know the software house you are dealing with take from the crates 2 thral per type of Dalinsia, Lianeele (or similar), Cimmerian Berserker, Archers
  6. With each depositable Thrall you have loaded into your backpack, be sure to take armor and legendary weapons from the benches,
  7. load some materials to rebuild a small camp and raw materials for support benches.
  8. Pray to Crom that Being the god who does not answer prayers in case of disaster will not change anything but at least you will have a clear conscience.

Good luck to All see you in … maybe


I’ve got five t4 Bearers, two clanmates, and myself. Bout to store high end mats and thralls. :weary:

Thats sad. Its sad that players have to fear losing stuff due to updates…


Good idea as unfortunate as it is.


To be honest, Funcom doesn’t even make any claims that there is a tech support for their customers. Any in-game assets we lose are going to be gone, no recovery services.

That said, with the latest vanishing thralls issue, we have seen that Funcom is willing to do complete rollbacks in case of a serious disaster. So, if the update causes massive stability collapses (not just a single niche DLC foundation thing) they’re more likely to revert the update.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. Private servers and Single-Players should always backup their game databases before major updates anyway.

jajjjajajaa triste pero cierto, estoy emocionado a la vez que tengo miedo jajajja

For a Single gamer, the only action is to switch Steam offline for a few days until all mods are updated… :sunglasses:

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Or just take a few days’ break, see what gets broken, and wait until Funcom fixes the worst bugs.

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