Premium Battlepass should be converted into croms

Hi Funcom,

Because I wasn’t sure of being able to complete the battlepass before its end and because I could afford it, I paid for the premium battle pass.

Finally, I spent a lot of time grinding and completed it 10 days ago.

The XP boost is welcome for any players who can’t afford to play too much.
However, it makes the premium battlepass a waste of money.

Funcom, it would be fair to the premium battlepass buyers to refund, even partially, the expense. Croms or digital items would make it and it wouldn’t cost too much to you.

I love the game, even if I felt more confident about the previous DLC-based business model.



In my view, there is no reason to refund this.

After all, you didn’t have to make any effort for the levels while other players made the effort like me, 5 days 60 levels only by the multiplier and I play every day.

I was just patient and waited for the multiplier to charge up.


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Because the small amount of XP for challenges that didn’t allow a lot of players to complete the battle pass in time is essentially a Funcom’s fault. They admitted it, and gave players a boost to catch up. And because of that fault some players made a wrong decision, that they wouldn’t make if Funcom made the correct values from the beginning.

A company made a mistake → the customers spent extra money.
A company fixes the mistake → the customers receive a compensation.


That are enuff XP for Rare 350x10 = 3500xp with multipler…
Legendary = 7500xp with multipler


I did the BP in 5 days without the XP increase.

To me these are just excuses to get money back, we all watched the first DEV stream and it only showed 70xp for Rare and 150xp for Legendary.

Players just started ■■■■■■■■ too much like they always do instead of taking on a real challenge.

You could complete the battlepass in a few hours if you saved up enough multipliers.

No, they didn’t.

This is an incentive to get players to complete and maybe buy the battlepass before the new one starts.


Yes, hey did. Watch the last stream. They said that it was a surprise for them that so few players completed battle pass and that they plan to adjust the amount of XP that the players gain from completing the challenge, and that they introduce XP boost from 11 to 21 to help the players to complete the first BP before it end.

And yet there are player (me included) who failed to complete it.

Which isn’t an admission of fault. Participation is lower than they expected it to be.

So? It’s not mandatory.

You also haven’t failed it since it’s still active for another three weeks.

If you still want to complete it just start a single player game and use the admin panel to cheese your way to 60, with the current boosts you’ll get there in no time.


I complained about the bug with the XP multipliers until it became clear they weren’t going to fix it properly, and then I sat down and finished the rest of my BP in a day. That was more than a month ago.

Anyone who didn’t sit down and put some effort into finishing their BP during all this time simply didn’t care enough to do so. And that’s okay, we all have different priorities.

But your different priorities don’t make you entitled to any refunds. :man_shrugging:


No matter how you call it, it’s still a wrong design that led to a player’s decision to spend real money.

And the player had the chance to make an informed decision. If they didn’t do so, it’s on them.

Try buying a game on steam, playing it for a couple of months, and then demanding your money back because it just wasn’t fun enough or you didn’t manage to finish it.

This is the same thing. You don’t need to spend additional money on the BP to finish it. The information on how to finish it fast is at your fingertips. You can choose to spend that money or not, but if you do so out of ignorance, it’s not the company’s fault.

And to be clear, it is Funcom’s fault that the XP multipliers weren’t being applied correctly and consistently, but even that is not necessary to finish the BP. Interacting with the BP is more fun with the XP multipliers, but asking for a refund because of that is the same as “I didn’t have enough fun after months of playing, gimme my money back.” Yeah, no.

There’s plenty to fault Funcom for, but people need to learn to accept their own responsibility for their own choices too.


That BP is the easiest I ever completed. Took me 3 days.
Adding to that, you can do it in Single Player using admin mode, for heavens sake. I can only understand buying Premium to offer them money.


I am not disagree with you. People should think better before spending money in general. But I am working in service and consulting industry and know for sure, if there is something that a company did wrong that lead a customer to a wrong decision — it’s a company’s fault. And in this particular case I understand why @Radwulf is unhappy with their investment, and I am on their side.

I would agree with you if we were talking about the mistake that was the key factor in customer’s decision.

“I wasn’t sure I could finish the BP on time and I could afford the premium BP” is a typical admission of regret over an uninformed decision to spend money. They don’t even mention the XP multipliers for challenges, or the bug that made them erratic.

Look, we’re talking about a game where you routinely look things up because they’re not well explained anywhere in-game. If you’re feeling stuck trying to get something done – including BP – and don’t look at what other people say how to deal with it, kudos to you for wanting to figure it out on your own. But if you decide to just throw money at it, that’s your own choice.

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Why would they? You don’t know about their situation. If they knew about the boost beforehand, they wouldn’t buy Premium. That all we need to know. The picture is simple.

Premium is the way to complete the BP instantly. But you have to pay.
11-21 November Boost is the way to complete the BP almost instantly. And it’s free. (and it’s free but because the company made a mistake)
The customer purchased something, that is free now.
That’s the logic.

And this is basically all that we can discuss here. The company was selling something that is basically free now. I think everyone who spend their money on the boost are deserve a compensation.

I’m not talking about the boost period. I’m talking about the XP multipliers. Those weren’t working properly. That’s the only BP-related bug that impacted the BP progress, and that’s Funcom’s fault.

The boost is a way of getting more people to engage with the BP. It’s basically a marketing tactic.

That’s not logic, that’s entitlement. Pure and unadulterated entitlement. It’s the same kind of entitlement that leads people to complain about debts being forgiven: “I had to pay for this, why should anyone get it for free?”

Companies lower the prices or even give stuff for free when they don’t sell enough. You don’t deserve any compensation for spending more money than someone else.

If you think something is overpriced, what you do about it is: 1) not pay, and 2) communicate to the seller about it. What you don’t do is pay and then demand refunds.

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That’s not the same. Don’t compare marketing to a mistake. A company made a mistake. If not for the mistake, they wouldn’t introduce this XP boost.

I don’t really have much of an opinion on whether or not Premium Battlepass purchasers should get a refund or compensation or not. But I will say this… what is the point of a Premium Battlepass? I know I’m kinda going off topic here, but what exactly is the point?

Here’s what we know. It skips 15 levels of the Battlepass. If you get it at the beginning, it starts you 15 levels ahead, if you start at 45, it finishes the Battlepass. Its 1,000 challenge exp per level in a battlepass, and 60,000 total to complete one, 45,000 if you get the premium.

It costs 1200 to enter the Battlepass and earn all rewards from it. Premium costs 3000 or the initial 1200 plus 1800 if you wish to upgrade.

With all that said, the premium battlepass just doesn’t seem that worth it. I mean I get it, some people might pay quite a bit to save a little bit of time and thus are a bit peeved about the boost to challenge exp at the end of the season here. But even overlooking that, assuming FC never did the end of chapter boost, I just personally can’t see the worth of the battlepass.

My reasoning is even without the end of chapter boost, I was able to get 15 levels of the Battlepass in sometimes a single day. Just the way boosts stack and how quickly we can rotate through challenges, it just doesn’t seem worth tossing the equivalent of $15usd to me.

And I get that some may value their time and effort a bit more here. But I feel like the Premium Battlepass just… doesn’t offer enough. It doesn’t feel like there is anything premium about it. It’s for all intents and purposes, boring.

I’ve used time saves in other games before, and all of them have this problem. You’re paying to not play. That implies the content isn’t meant to be fun and you need to pay to skip so you can go back to playing content that you do want to play. This is incredibly poor design.

It is also not the design that Funcom has intended. This is evidenced by the fact they gave us the intended boost. They want players to play through and feel awarded. They could have left the values as is and told everyone under 46 to get the premium upgrade, or even offered a slight sale on the premium battlepass or upgrade as well to squeeze everyone for more money. Instead they wanted everyone to get their 1200’s worth playing the game.

This isn’t something that will likely change for Chapter 2 or even 3, but something that could be looked into for the next Age. Make the Battlepass just a bit less boring. Something more engaging, exciting, you know… something to look forward to.

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You keep saying that, but you’re yet to explain what mistake that’s supposed to be.

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