Primitive sandstorm mask




Basically, yes. When I started my game, I built these (well, with one doorway with a crude door) at intervals on the paths I used most often. Even put a small wooden chest with some supplies into some of them.

It’s probably not a totally dumb idea to carry these building blocks with you when adventuring as a newbie until you can acquire a Sandstorm mask.

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I usually spam bedrolls. Even for cold weather etc.

I guess you are referring to the ‘Makeshift Shelter’ and that’s indeed part of a mod.

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I never even thought about a simple tent, if it really provides shelter that would be an easy little thing to carry around. Usually, just finding any bigger rock wall or similar should also be more than enough. If you press yourself close enough against the wall until you find a spot which provides moderate shelter, you should be safe - worked for me at least. A problem in big open spaces of course :laughing:

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I haven’t tested sandstorms recently, but last I did, moderate shelter was insufficient. I’d still take damage unless I had almost full shelter. I like building houses with windows, and I had to stand in a particular spot inside my house in order to survive the sandstorm.

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I have successfully survived sandstorms outside without a mask or buildings, I just crouched behind some very big rocks, on the backside (considering the direction of the sandstorm).

It is good practice do check nooks and rocks by standing in/near them, looking whether or not the shelter icon appears. You’d be surprised how many spots there are where you can survive a sandstorm without equipment.

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Because the game logic is basically coded like this:

if(player.ShelterValue() < 80 && Sandstorm.IsActive() && player.CollidesWith(Sandstorm))

I said it before, lv1 building should be some sticks and fiber clothes that connect, so we can use little more then tent to hide. Push sandstone to lv7-10etc.

Help push exploring abit and ability to carry less weight and have shelter. XD

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