Problem with AA-healing bonuses passing through Equal Footing Buff

There are at least 4 types of EFB in SWL, 3 PVP and 1 PVE, and they all let through new bonuses from Anima Allocation. With Survivability bonus (+Threat) it doesn’t affect PVP in any way and only affect PVE positively, allowing to tank. Healing bonus (+15 energy on some weapons and no glance on some abilities), however, work in unintended way with Heal Power and Combat Power set by EFB. As in, by setting your AA to 51%+ Healing you get 30 energy for Fist, Blood and Assault Rifle regardless of PVP suit you have on, allowing you to have both this bonus and 2776.6 Combat Power from High Powered Weaponry or PVE EFB.

TLDR: All the damaging power abilities still have the same (3-5) cost, so your energy pool is doubled for Fist, Blood and Assault Rifle with no drawback if you have EFB on and set AA to 51%+ healing.

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Still there in Beta phase 3.