Production Pen for animals




Ok the pet pens are rather bulky esp to place. They take a huge footprint up also when having to place multiple pens. Can we get some smaller 2Lx1Wx1H foundation production pens for animals. So we can kinda build barns.
That way people can place the rocknose etc to produce instead of taking up huge footprints with full sized pens?


Maybe a 2Wx3Lx2H, so we can make sure a rhino fits. I really like your barn concept and would probably do just that, lol.

We have been asking for a smaller version since the pet patch hit, but haven’t had a definitive response as to the Dev’s position on it. The wheels of pain come in varying sizes, so it would seem natural for the pens to be the same. You can enclose the current pen, but the structure is enormous and difficult to make anywhere but flat ground (8Wx10Lx3H).


Yeah i was trying to think of how big a rhino is without being logged in. Open concept like the t1 pen would be awesome. Or even using the existing wooden fences as a border. I know its probably the biggest gripe i have is the sheer size. Then again id like to be able to make a smaller maproom too-I know there is a mod for that already for large/small sizes.

I have enclosed it and its like a big blocky structure. 2 of those with a good sized base and a maproom. Thats alot of real estate taken up considering all the alters also. I’m a light beam junky. So gotta have them all.

I would like to see them do the different pens like a wheel of pain-small, medium and large-1 slot-3slot-5slot. Tame any animal at any level.

Also how about a nest to hatch eggs versus inventory or putting them in a compost heap.


Nests would be a nice decor element!

You can make the big blocky structures look good with some architectural flourishes added to the exterior and roof treatments, but it still winds up being massive. I got some great ideas from Share my house West Fan Village, and added some of that to my Colosseum to make it look a lot fancier. :grin:

Been running some arithmetic and also found that you could house a map room inside a giant pyramid as well.


I am soooo pyramided out. My last creation was to put a full scale house under a maproom in Khitan. Turned out pretty nice for a space saving design. Also made the storage area almost purge proof since thralls can’t climb ladders.

But that was my train of thought on that. Since you can do the circular pattern to place a maproom up with some pillars. Below it would make a nice corral/barn area for the critters.

I leave the math to you guys. I’m a harvest till i can’t anymore. Build it. If it works great. If it doesn’t-well i can dismantle it all!


Even a simple one foundation hitching post. We can load food into it and let them go. Then we can build around the animal. Now that would be a much better idea for a barn and less work to make happen! Make them pick-upable in case we have to move said post for proper animal placement!


I used to make a large tower, 3 foundations on each of the 12 sides, and place a map room on top (uses 4-6 pillars), but decided to experiment with more Medieval Castle, Greco-Roman, and Egyptian architecture styles, trying to limit any pillars from use.

The building in this game is phenomenal and limited only by imagination. A few more options on the taming pen, like a nest and wood fenced single slot corral would be excellent for adding diversity into the new systems. :grin:


Yeah I had to edit above and add in my current brainstorm over coffee. They already have the mock hitching posts in game. Just add a slot for an animal and the food/inventory. Run them at 100 iron, 200 wood, and some plant fiber. Can shrink some existing things like the ymir posts you get up at Temple of Frost or several other house items they could repurpose for that.


On the test server I had built a stable to house our animals. The only problem is that with the current (understandable) placement restrictions the stable needs to cover a pretty serious area to house a large number of pets. I suppose that isn’t far off reality though.


Well that’s all about how many animals you want to tame.

Me for testing. I pretty much went got them and only kept so many. Some i fed to bosses because i just didn’t like them-rhino/locust being the top ones that were fed the crocodile.

The rest i tossed out or gave away to other people. Everyone has their favorites. I try to keep my bases/thralls at the minimum so i don’t lag other people out. I figure at release i’ll probably have 5 or so rocknose, few sabers and frost wolves. No northern base is complete without them!

Haven’t gotten a demonspider yet.


I’m going to have a spider farm until scorpions become available I think. I like the creepy crawlies.


I haven’t really tamed any of the spiders yet. I was wondering if any of the other animals produced anything other then dung. More or less tested the pens for continual taming.


Well, your Rocknoses are supposed to give iron ore.


We brought the pen size up internally. There hasn’t been official word on that yet.


The “easiest” way is making the first tier having only 1 cage, second tier 3 cages, and last tier remaining as is.


I agree, or to upgrade it to add the higher level animals, T1 T2 T3 so we only need one building.

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