Ps4 Admin commands seriously lacking

The ps4 has almost no ability to edit server settings or for admins to function productivly managing servers… enable a command console

You can edit server settings just fine. When you are playing offline, you click Make Me an Admin.

Then you can go in and adjust all sorts of sliders. Or spawn whatever you want.

No need for a Command Console.

Please only comment on stuff you know … i can tell you dont own a server…

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No. I play offline.

I go in and adjust any server settings I want. The same settings that work for private servers or official servers.

Very wrong

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The admin panel is the same for everyone.

I am talking about the ability to edit ini files not sliders… any editing of ini reverts to slider range despite file editing if i set the ini to 20x gather it autoresets to 10x… and many many other settings NOT available in the sliders

Sounds like you are doing something you aren’t supposed to.

I’m going to assume it has something to do with this:

Which only works for Windows/Linux. NOT PS4 or XBOX.

Please excuse my moat of inexperience on the matter, but if I may, this sounds to me that the multiplier 10× is some sort of a server side hard cap, one that overrules any client side modification that goes above it whenever they talk to each other or something similar; possibly a prevention measure of some sort.

Ok let me try to spell this out… in game you have sliders for different things yes… however… on pc i can go into the gameusersettings.ini file and make my walk/run speed 2 or 3 (default of 1). See the link for ini command edits…
The pc has this ability already give it to the ps4 server owners too as gportal offers the ability to edit ini files it just does not take on the ps4…

A compatibility request then.

As a paying customer, I know the feeling.

Did you ever stop to think there is a reason why this can’t be done?

A: We are unfortunately not allowed by game console publishers to release server executable to the public. (I guess they probably fear that they could be hacked and allow people to play online without having the right subscription level.)

Sony isn’t going to let you screw around with system files on the PS4. That is how hacks and exploits happen.

Now, you could suggest Funcom adds more options and features into the Admin Panel to use. But as far as editing INI files and that? Doubt very seriously that happens.

I have started a thread i am updating as things i learn. In g-portal there is an ini file or settings, but nothing on the db. The reason is the way Sony sores PSN in db sturctures. the us unique numbers that they don’t want the general public to have for security reasons. Unless something is done to bridge that in the db (basically redact the unique number and replace with the actual in game name) then we will never have the db files.

But here is the link. Please add anything you have found needed, or if you know of tricks around the limitiations that aren’t illegal :slight_smile:

And here is a list of suggestions i have for allowing some kind of crative control for events…

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