(PS4) Base keeps disappearing under very specific circumstances

I am not going to call this a bug, because I’m pretty sure I am pushing the limits of the game. Ever since I started playing, I’ve wanted to build a base at the level where the Iron Shadows on the Moon trophy is earned. So I have started a Single Player game in Admin Mode to build this base, supported on Pillars. The planned design is huge, at least 100 long and 25 foundations high, with all but 4 of that above the level where you earn the trophy.

Unfortunately, I am consistently logging in to find the whole base gone, not just collapsed but vanished, down to the Foundations. Anything attached to the main structure is just deleted as if it was never there. I can reload from a saved game on memory stick, but the deletion is very consistent, occuring as often as once a day. If I was in the base when I logged out, I find myself on the ground below, even though I think that’s intentional so the fall doesn’t kill me.

I’m assuming the issue is that the base is supported on Pillars instead of anchored in the ground, but I’m still trying to figure out what is going on so I can hopefully avoid it. I’ve read many posts in this forum on disappearing bases, but since my case is so frequent and so specific I don’t think it’s a random bug. I think I’ve hit some kind of limit.

I do not have decay turned on, so that isn’t it. It’s a Single Player game, so it can’t be attacks by other players. And there is nothing in the Event Log. I have lost a few pieces due to Stability, but those were all in the Event Log as expected, and that would leave Pillars standing. I’m not even online, so it can’t even be that my design is based on a copyrighted fictional setting.

Has anyone run into issues with building on Pillars? Could it be the size of the base, keeping in mind that in addition to the base itself, each Pillar is made up of more than 100 elements? Do the devs have any input, or suggestions to help me avoid or minimize future crashes?

Currently I have two approaches going forward. One is to build on the two peaks next to the Volcano where you can reach the “top” of the game world. The other is to run a tower of Foundations or Walls up to the base to see if they anchor the structure better than Pillars. If the problem is that there is a maximum number of elements that can be fitted together into a single structure though, I may still run into this problem.

Any help would be appreciated.

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