@@PS4 blue screen errors@@ sometimes happens after a freeze!@ sometimes just instantaneous error screen@SERVER KEEPS CLOSING AND STRUCTURES COLLAPSE ON RECONECT@ Anyone else having this!@!@!?

So from time to time it will simply stop and bring up an error code message, sometimes it will just kick me from the server.

And sometimes it will freeze and remain unresponsive, I then have to close the application from the Playstation menu. It will close, and then yield an error screen o.o
I have many other players in my server that have this issue. So i thought I would bring it here.

Another issue. That has happened at a much lower rate since the last hot fix, but caused a full server failure before…

Sometimes everybody will be kicked from the server, and when allowed to re connect, we find some peoples buildings have been sliced shall we say…

Random structure pieces are simply gone, thought the spaces once taken refuse to snap a new structure. As if the game still reads the previous piece, though. It is definately gone. Some builds reduced to pillars entirely.

Of anyone else has heard of, or experienced these issues, please make yourself heard :slight_smile:

I only had conan freeze up n crash my ps4 once like few weeks ago but didnt face missing building issue like you

I get the freezes all the time and I never put that and structure disappearing together but it would explain why I had a few pillars and a wall disappear from under my then floating archers. Nothing was showing on the log but several server resets that day. I hope @Ignasi sees this and throws this idea to the devs.

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Hey there,

We’re aware of an issue that would cause pillars lose stability on server restart, @Huzzah, which could explain your issue.
Regarding your issue, @Persius, it seems you’ve experienced an elusive bug which appeared with the building optimizations. Usually a server restart stops it.
Could you share a video with this issue in action so we can send it to our team?
Thanks for your feedback and patience.

Hello @Persius, the King of the Blue Screen here.

I had a problem that began in January where I would crash every single time, 10 times some days, I returned to my home base. I posted about it over and over, and little was accomplished.

I was playing on a slim, and I moved the game to an external SSD. That helped tremendously, but I still crashed semi-regularly. Ironically, when they released a “crash fix”, I went back to crashing every time.

Through trial and error, I figured out that the RAM on a slim couldn’t handle my home base, so I bit the bullet and bought a Pro. Life instantly became easy. No crashes, ever.

With the release of update 1.42, I have noticed things take longer rendering in, along with the occasional invisible NPC. I moved the SSD from the slim to the pro, and life is once again easy.

I realize upgrading your PS4 is expensive, and not everyone can do it, but the least I can do is share what happened for me.

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@speedice I honestly wouldn’t have considered that, I feel a little silly for that, you see i’m not sure weather you have access to a Gportal Server status page, but if you do you will see a server load, and RAM load display… due to that I had always disregarded my PS4’s own rendering capabilities assuming it was the Hardware at Gportal that took the brunt of it…

Your spot on there as well, that upgrade is direly wanted but scarcely affordable for me at the moment x)… thought this information makes the idea that much sweeter… I sense a lessening in the weight of my wallet in the near future haha :smile:.
I thank you for this information!! i hope the Pro console remains a smooth runner for conan :).


The loss of stability issue was a serious bummer

this is the only example I have left from before the wipe. But I had to rebuild 3 times and in the end I simply gave up. Top picture. Would become the bottom picture on restart.

As for the error, and the freezing, the next time I experience it I will record it and take screenshots for you to distribute to whomever you deem can help :). Thank you for your attention on this topic!!


Ouch that’s hard to look at. Very awesome build. Sad to see the work gone.

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I never want to hear how I have a huge base again. That is a big base. Mine is an efficiency apartment in comparison.PS_Messages_20190603_105347

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Ahh we ventured towards DLC villages and cities, and due to all the errors lost every build on the wipe, I’m glad to say we survived though the server is going strong. With a claim regime I cant see anywhere else to keep it clean…

Here, please take a look:) wiping it away was a loss indeed

I called it the pictish capital…

And this one was supposed to finish into aquilonia… but obviously we only ever got the city floors and the great wall efficiently complete…20190514_224007 …

It’s hard to consider doing such things again with the worry of erasure in mind… but I build on…
Just finished my servers DLC market


So I hope all Bugs are resolved… ile be happy to help any way I can, with pictures. Details. Video clips. Ile even send this thread link to our group chat… other players have the issue for sure.

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@Persius I’ve had similar experiences, but not all identical on PvE Official #3731 (since 2018 Nov).
I have had multiple, random game freezes that never regain responsiveness. I’ve always had to close the game from the PS main menu which gives me the CE-34 blah blah error message (which I faithfully report). Although I’ve had dozens of those over the past months, they are fairly random, I had 2 freeze errors last night about 2 hours apart, but sometimes I go days without any at all.
I do believe these have also been reduced slightly since the major patch, but were never a major concern for me as has plagued others.
Only very rarely have I actually been booted from the official server - almost always for a “lost connection” error that allows me to reconnect immediately or within a few minutes.
So far I have not noticed any structure damage.

I have had several blue screen crashes myself sent reports in.

I’m on a PS4 Pro and since the last update the blue screens seem to occur more often. I don’t have a big base and most of the errors occur in areas with many NPCs like Sepermeru or Asagarth. I also noticed the PS4 cooling fan getting wild in those areas like it’s trying to take off.

This happened in my server today. Godly indeed. Quite the glitch… cross pose up to heaven

@Persius - Just recently (June 7) I was on Official PvE #3731 & watched a local deer suddenly start floating up, up & away… took a couple screenshots but I don’t have access to those. It rose until it was out of sight, likely died of hypoxia, poor thing.

I have recently experienced teh restart isue again, where on restart many structures have collapsed!!! its not pleasant at all, i will try and provide screenshots

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