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I might be done with your game. I made my purchase thinking it would be cool. And for a moment, it was. Then the problems began to show up (laggy gameplay, NPC unstoppable attacks and attacking through player power moves, No Real Healing options, lack of distributed resources, etc.) Everything that you think is okay for online gamers is frustrating for solo players. I have to literally run all over the map to get resources if I want them in any decent amount of time. I also can only construct bases in a few locations due to nearby resources. Other locations that are enticing to build at lack resources. You add to that trying to collect and return while encumbered beyond belief and it gets really really old very fast. To speed up the slow walk, I tumble forward until exhausted and repeat FOREVER. I have to do this if I want dry wood from the desert region to the east. I have to do this if I want Iron from that densely packed location near the Tower of Bats. I have to do this to collect coal from the area surrounding The Summoning. Now, I could just make myself admin and spawn all the resources I need when I need them. But, that doesn’t help improve the game. Iron should be everywhere at the base of mountains all over the map, inside caves, and up on ridges. It shouldn’t just be in certain locations. The same is true for all other resources. Now, my guess is that during the early stages of early access for PC players only the river and desert region was accessible. Thus, that region is the preferred location for building at low levels. Still, the distribution favors clans and not singleplayers. Please, redistribute resources to make them more accessible for everyone. Special resources are a different matter. But the basic stuff, it should be everywhere – even if less iron is available near the river. It should still be present and near enough that a player doesn’t have to run for 5 minutes to collect some.

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I agree with you, it is only logical building in a few areas (granted it has not been claimed, I know your mentioned Solo play.) But yeah, an increase and mixed resources would great. Only thing ai can suggest for now is grabbing a carrier thrall then take it back pack for ai think, five plus encumbrance. It will take up head piece.

Just a tip… u dont need go to desert to have dry wood, dryer: normal wood + bark = dry wood + resin


While I agree there is a repetitive nature in gathering the resources to build, and that it can be time consuming, I do not think it is as limiting in single player mode as you suggest. As you level up, you can increase your encumbrance rating, allowing you to haul more stone/wood/ore. Bearer thralls are also somewhat useful to increase your load capacity, but be careful not to kill them… Or, if straight gathering is too tedious, go out and find some enemy camps and obliterate them and loot their corpses – they often carry the basic resources such as wood/stone/plant fiber and occasionally iron bars and other goods. Additionally, capturing and equipping thralls for your crafting stations can help reduce the amount of raw materials needed to get the refined materials, and/or the refined materials needed to craft weapons/armor/etc.

Furthermore, the desert is quite vast, and there innumerable areas to build your base, particularly in a single player game where all land is available only to you. Just be careful not to build too near iron/coal resources so as to ensure your base’s land claim radius does not prohibit those resources to respawn – no need to worry about trees/stone as those resources are plentiful everywhere.

Buck up and survive, build, and conquer!

I know you mean well. And I am aware of the suggestions you made. It still doesn’t address the lack of basic resources throughout the map. I am not talking about the iron nodes and coal nodes surrounding The Summoning. I am talking about the map as a whole. Clustered resources most definitely dictate the locations where one will most likely build. Unless you’re one of those people that just love running all over the map to get what you need. And no, I refuse to let them off the hook and simply spawn stuff via the admin panel. That is just lazy for all involved. The best solution is to redistribute resources evenly throughout the map.

This is how survival games work. What resources are clustered to one area?

Every zone has plenty of iron around apart from the starting area at the river so there’s plenty of places to set up camp as a solo player that doesn’t involve lots of traveling.

If all the resources you needed were in the starter area or any area for that matter then it wouldn’t give you any reason to really leave and wouldn’t promote exploration. It’s just like if you build up north there’s hardly any brimestone, rhino hide, aloe and other materials but there’s plenty of black ice and obsidian.

Also traveling while over your weight will just take you too long to get anywhere. You could probably do a whole extra trip if you didn’t over load in resources. If you do though then it’s actually faster to swim when overloaded than it is to walk.

I like it the way it is and no matter where I make a base even if I’m level 60 camped up in the frozen north I still have a reason to head back to the desert to gather some resource.