PS4 Graphics and other things that could be improved

Game mode: Singleplayer
Problem: Performance
Region: Denmark

I’m new here to these forums so please cut me some slack.
As the topic name suggests; this post is about the grapics and general perfomance on the PS4, I cannot even begin to describe the varius areas where-in the game would need improvements, so let’s start at the…well start, i guess…

Things that need improvement(s):

  1. General graphics, as most of the time the graphics look washed out (about 99% of the time)
  2. FPS, the FPS appears to be locked at a (somewhat) measly 30 frames per second, wich is sub-par with other games like it ie. ARK: survival evolved.
  3. Cloth physics, on the PS4 the cloth physics have a tendency to suddenly stop working, wich leads to some (minor and in some cases major) dissapointment.
  4. The ability to host a server, as most people on PC probably know; you can host your own server, BUT not on a PS4 (at least not without renting one) wich is really annoying since if you play singleplayer with some of your pals, and one of then decides to have his/her own little adventure, then they can’t have it due to tethering and the rendering being in an area around the host, wich leads to people being slightly miffed (Majorly pissed off in my case)

If a developer sees this post i wholeheartedly wish that they adress these things ASAP, other wise the game is pretty cool.

On the hosting your own server issue Sony is not likely to give out the information needed to do that because of hacking and privacy/ don’t need psn plus any more!

Hello @nico767c, welcome to the forums and thank you for taking the time to share your feedback!

Our team has always been on the lookout for possible performance and quality improvements for the console, and although there are planned improvements for this, the FPS will likely remain locked at 30 for all systems except PC.

We understand that ARK might be comparable to CE since both are survival games built on the same engine, however, even though it has a low detail mode that allows for 60 FPS, there should be very few instances where the value stays that high, as both games are quite demanding, even for the current generation of consoles.

In regards to cloth physics, there are some known issues that are being looked into.

Also, hosting a server for PS4 is not a possibility, and the cooperative tether is a necessary limitation due to the architecture of the game, as there’s no way that the client could deal with the load of having more than one instance being handled, unlike a dedicated server.

Lastly, should you have any further feedback to share together with issues to report, please keep it to one per post as requested in our guidelines:

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