PS4 Hotfix (02.05.2019) - PS4 Pro performance fixes, crash fixes and more

we are still having rendering issues on the ps4 pro. Is there a way you could find the time to fix more of the performance issues please?

Hey there,

Our team is still investigating the performance issues on Pro systems. Please send us your feedback to this thread:

Ok. Is pit of yog oneshot intented feature? Because it will oneshot literally anything. Why? Why does it exist?

I have been playing this evening on ps4 pro…and it was worse that a friend with ps4 slim. He was alerting me of enemies attacking me. I couldn’t see them…only after run away they popped. Unable to defend if my axe always hit the air. And sometimes…my avatar didn’t attack more, stops with still half yellow bar…not responding for several seconds. Zone…the black hand galeon. In the river…it was a bit better…only the sound arriving several seconds after it is normal…enemies not with a fluid movement…but at least vidible. Back on base…the hi res textures never load on time. I have a hyena as pet…and it is shown without hair…shinny …and then the texture loads and look as usual. Turn left …turn right…and again looks without hair for two seconds or so. Previous version runs more fluid…not excellent…but playable. Now it is impossible to play. I hope a revert to this bug is being cooked. I am considering to purchase a ssd…if helps something… because I like the game very much.
Me and my friend were running (only two players of 20 slots) with a private ps4 server rented to g-portal located in Frankfurt, Germany. This servers runs flawless in previous version of game. Hope it helps something.

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I have the same issue, pro patch totally broke the game for me. Now even the single player lags and stutters so badly that the game is unplayable. Slim runs much better.

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Lag, lag, lag, lag. Base loads forever, npcs lag, players lag, animals lag, dungeons lag, fall from cliffs due lag, fall from elevator due lag, half health every time we log in, stamina eather infinite or regenerates in like 10 min. (no joke?). Building controls stuck on screen after completing building. Shake orb using rmb throw using lmb really, I’m in a playstation. I don’t have mouse buttons. Standing and walking in dungeon undervater, no swimming animation due to lag. Cannot capture npcs again due lag. Cannot climb cliffs due lag. Why do you even ask people what is the problem? You like to laugh about us? Oh yea. Ps4 pro. Official servers and offline.

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Little Update on my previous post.

It seems that the lag issue Im experiencing on Pro is only on offical servers and offline. On private servers I dont experience much lag at all. Well I mean more than usual for this game.

So the problem seems to be on offical servers and singe player, which are both currently unplayable on pro. Private serverd work just fine, including my own.

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hi i’ve a problem with the admin pannel in our server. i cant see the people that have been banned and most importantly i can’t scroll down the list of player to ban them. last time i had to count the the players on the online player list. this might cause some issues since i could ban some random player on error.

Same. Private servers work fine. Official lag lag lag. Also regular ps4 lags the same now. I have both and problems are the same on both.

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This only happens in SP/coop last i checked. It is because the pit has a “lava” center. So while placing it is technically active while you move it around. Also, if you die in it, only way to get stuff is destroy it to get to body.

I’m not seeing any servers on server selection from yesterday. Tried some of the solutions listed here, none worked. Any ideas?

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99% of the EU servers are down again. Normal Restart message and but they never came back Online… Are you fixing some problems with the servers or whats the reason for the downtime?

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so restart happend a while ago on my server that ive been playng the whole time and after it the server dosent come up in the list and francly half of the freaking server dont show up is this like normal after restart, the game is nice and enjoyable but damn the devs r just absurd

Me and my family are having rendering issues. Bases and enemies are not rendering into the game. My brother died from being attacked by “phantom” mobs and we can’t see bases and end up hitting walls that are not there. On top of that the attack engine is not always working. I hit my attack button and it registers half the time. I’m not attacking with full combos and a lot of time it doesn’t attack when I push the attack button.

Thank you for your time and effort to make a great game better.

Hola yo tengo el mismo problema arreglen

Hola tengo el mismo problema con los

Old issue fella, old issue…
The “fire” contained inside the pit of Yog kills anything touching it and that would be ok.
As you notice you can use the “Killer temple glitch” to, literally, obliterate anything just putting temple in radial menu and simply moving it against foe or animals.
The temple of yog should not be physical until after it has been placed, but for now it is so…
You can decide to use it or not.

New patch is out!