PS4 Hotfix (02.07.2019) - Further balancing and general bugfixes

Equip the bow in your hand, open your inventory, press square on the arrows. That’s what we do.

Not sure what you are trying to say regarding the repair hammer. The hammer will tell you the stability of the piece you are attempting to build onto. If it’s 20 or less, you can’t build on it. You would have to support it with walls or columns.

Why are asking me about stoves? You said the recipes weren’t there, I simply said they were. I made the Feast of Derketo last night.

if your builds are at one lets say regarding damage to structure they should be at 0 and yet you have your durability at max to lets say 100 there should be no structure damage to the build what so ever is the point and to be honest i can still build on a structure build even if it is 20 don’t see how you come up with how you cant mind you this is ion console maybe that’s the difference not for sure however if you have a platform layered and i mean layered with pillars and walls you would think the stability of that would be enhanced not only with the wall structure but the pillars this is not the case. the number on console no matter how its layered out drops either if you have pillar and with that wall structure. hope that helps

respectively i added as far as the feasts they respectively should be in with the shrines that’s my point. if it sounded like i was taking a hammer and shoving nails in your hand i apologize but yea respectably the improved stoves have enough going on and putting everything in them is a over load

Get a repair hammer. Place a ceiling piece coming out from a wall. Connect a second one to that first ceiling piece. Try connecting a third one to that second one. When the stability hits 20 or below, you can’t attach another ceiling piece until you add some sort of support to bring its stability back up.

know what im gonna agree to disagree with this i spelled it out way to many times
esp when you have a overload of pillars going on.

Hey @RazielTempest

If what I’m thinking is correct you are having an issue where even know stability of a connecting block should allow you to build (stability is more than 20) it won’t let you.

If that is the case I’m pretty sure it is a known bug, the work around for it is normally to select another building piece, then back to the original and that often causes it to snap in to place, failing that try to get a clan mate to place the piece you need, as I understand it the Devs are trying to fix it but we don’t have a timeline on it

Also if you are building a multi storey building you will get stability issues because not all of the stability will transfer upwards so carrying a hammer to check what is going on is a must when building

Pretty sure the server reset this morning just removed my only t4 fighter I have right now because it’s nowhere to be found and it’s now been two hours nearly and it hasn’t returned. Had big plans for things I needed to do with that thrall… waited quite a long time just to have it disappear into thin air if that’s what’s happened

Have you checked the event log to see if there are any notes about it?

Congratulations. You are the only one. Sarcasm aside, what is the stability of the piece you are attempting to connect to? I’d really like to know.

So I didn’t see anywhere in the patch saying we were no longer able to repair broken items with legendary repair kits but now I can’t repair any weapons or tools that have broken completely is this a bug?

It’s not a bug. Once a Legendary is broken completely it cannot be repaired. Items that you have feats for and know how to craft can be repaired from broken.

All Legendary tools and weapons must be repaired with a Legendary repair kit while they still have durability. The same for Legendary armor. Been that way from the beginning as far as I know.


I have definitely been able to repair it before until just now

Hi all, i was wondering if anyone else has an issues with signs after this patch as all mine seem to have turned invisible?? I now have to physically click on them and re-save every-time i come back to play.

In my experience having played since day one WAK is correct. Found out the hard way early on.


Do you know that the spikes do not sting as much, and you can walk on them? Instead of protecting the walls, they facilitate the invasion of the base. Whether it’s intended ? or some other error after the last update.

Yeah of course I did lol, took an hour or something for the thing to just randomly pop up in my base with no notice that it had returned in the log

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New patch is out!

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